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Rewards are much lower than advertised

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Hello all,

I am currently staking 30 EGLD to Sikka and I noticed that the reward amount I am getting per day is much lower than it should be.

Sikka have an APR of 18.46% and a fee of 13% at the time I'm writing this. I calculated like this: 30 * 18.46% - 13% = 4.81806 EGLD/year; 4.81806/366 days = 0.0131640983606557, so  I should get at least 0.0131 EGLD per day. I only received 0.0059 for the first day and 0.0074 for the second day. That means I am getting about half the amount of EGLD I should be getting per day.

I have a few questions related to this issue:

1. Can this issue be fixed?

2. Who is responsible for the claimable reward amount sent daily? Is it Sikka or is it automated by the Elrond team?

3. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Either with Sikka or any other SP.


Thanks in advance!

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I have a similar problem, but what I noticed is that first two days of rewards i got 15% APR, then in the third day 14.99%, then in the fourth day 12.92%. Why APR is constantly changing, it was not supposed to be fixed? My staking agency is ChristStake. Thanks. 

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Staking Providers have various nodes that generate revenue.  The blockchain is very secure, and made even more so by a random pattern of when nodes actually participate in active duty within the blockchain itself.  Each only generates revenue while actively involved, and thus, over the short-term, the random nature of this will impact your expectations.  Over time, the rate will converge.

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  • Elrond Team

please check also this post for additional clarification:

If the staking provider had some nodes that only entered the active node set with the unstake of elrond community nodes last week, then the APR will increase starting latest with 20 April.

Also you need to check the APR after more days, as in some days there will be higher returns and in some other lower returns, but on average APR will converge on the estimation, starting with 20 April.

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