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Link between Elrond web wallet and Maiar wallet

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Guys, help needed.

I have tokens staked from the web wallet. 

The issue is that I have installed Maiar afterwards. How do I link it with the web wallet?

I do not want to create a new web wallet as I have tokens staked and I don't want to lose 10 days of interest.

So in big terms I want Maiar to use the existing web wallet, not the other way around 

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I have a pretty similar problem. I installed Maiar, made wallet on Maiar.

Now, i understand that i cant login on web with the Maiar wallet on web so i can stake ?

My question is, i need to make another wallet on website ?

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Same here, I delegated to Maiar browser then installed Maiar app with the same wallet and delgated EGLD does not show on app, only when going to browser. Why can’t this be fixed?

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Hey, the delegated EGLD from the web wallet doesn't appear in the app because Maiar doesn't have any delegation (legacy) section, it only has access to staking.
If you stake your tokens instead, you will see them in both apps. The delegation (legacy) will go away anyway.
And to use the same wallet, you can for example in Maiar say you already have an account, and input the 24 words secret key of your wallet there.
And vice versa, on the web wallet, you can also input the 24 words secret key and transfer there. Now you will have both accounts with the same private key (same account basically)

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