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2021. Project dead.


Well what do you believe?  

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  1. 1. Well what do you believe?

    • Unfortunately, yes.
    • It's alive, it's going places!

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The Elrond forum is not dead, is at the beginning of the journey, from my point of view.

Right now we try to redirect all the interesting technical questions from the Telegram groups to the forum.

I hope you will change this belief soon.

Thank you for being part of the forum community.

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I believe the project has done in 2 years more than others in 4-5.

They are active and very polyvalent on multiple platforms of communication but community has to step in as well not check charts all day.

Anything that grows healthy needs time.

Keep up the amazing work!  

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Someway forums are less trendy than immediate response platforms like Telegram. thousands of daily messages on Elrond Telegram 40 channels.

It may be good to have more activity here in the forum, but we can't change easily user preferences, you know.

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To be honest, I think most people don't even know this forum exists. 
It was also sheer luck for me to find it. I haven't found a link in the main website or anywhere really.

But yeah the telegram groups are very active, and tons of new features and projects from the team and the community.
Never seen a project this fast moving.

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