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Round 2 of Phase 2 - Official Discussion Thread

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📣  Official Patch Release and Round 2 of Phase 2 Start

Hello Nodes Team,

Weekends are great - everyone recognizes your right to be left alone and do the things you love most. Which we embrace fully, so we can focus on our work. We're counting on you guys being normal people, so even if we're launching the patch on a Saturday, we will only start monitoring on Monday.

👉  Please do: Backup your keys, delete the old database, set up the latest version of the node, restore keys, start node

▪️  Linux (https://docs.elrond.com/start-a-validator-node/start-the-network/connecting-from-linux) installation guide
⚠️  Does not work on Windows
▫️  MacOs (https://docs.elrond.com/start-a-validator-node/start-the-network/connect-from-macos) installation guide

⏱  This announcement is in effect as of Saturday 30 November 19:00 UTC. Official uptime monitoring starts Monday 2 December 19:00 UTC, 48 hours (because of the weekend) from the announcement. Be sure to update your nodes before that time.

⏲  The genesis time was Friday 29 November 11:00 UTC

⚙️  Relevant tags: v1.0.41 and BoN-ph2-w2

👻  Remember: we removed ghost nodes. We defined a node as "ghost" if it was offline for 7 days or more during Rounds 4 & 5 from Phase 1

👨‍🍳  The installation & auto-updater tool are still in the oven, our chefs are cooking around the clock

🖼  Bye-bye Windows! This patch will not work. This is the last call to move to Linux!

"I've ran out of emoticons." - not Sever

⚔️  See you on the battle #fiedl !  🛡

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