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Development ideas for Maiar

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I just spam my ideas below with small statements.

1. Make more clear for new users (which mostly are new to crypto) that 24 words are superly important to write down. Not always the best idea to store to google drive.

- And is it even possible to backup keys without backupping them to drive. Im not super happy about giving my keys anywhere else than for my hard paper notebook

2. Make logging more safe. (now just 4 digit pinkode and thief's can send my crypto away.

3. Inviting friends feel too much mandatory. I cant even read bonus material before getting at least 1 friend. Hard to find new crypto users without spamming all my friends. I get that it's good for growth but still, new user might get that annoying.

3. Make few more coin available to store and stake in wallet? Maybe incoming and I read about that you keep it low and only "quality coins" but still, I hope there will be more.

4. Could referral code be made editable/saveable in profile before copying? Would be nice to type what I want to write my friend's in my own language (Finnish) and then just copy and send it. Now I need to type it to notepad and you know... More user friendly that way.

5. Make "You will earn" calculator more usable. It's epicly hard to click/slide for example to 50$ or lower or few friends or transactions.

6. Make us see Global rank, not just shot it to me, I want to compete with others :)

7. Stickers are cool, make more of them

8. When staking comes to wallet, could there be way to see in which position I am in delegate waiting list and when there is more delegations to come?

9. I would love physical Elrond card! It could make lot more people use maiar wallet if they would have change to pay with card in shop, before it's possible to pay with just mobile wallet, it might take time

10. Last but not least, I love Elrond and Maiar <3


Cheers! Hope there are even 1 good idea :)

Sincearly @boss

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