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Round 1 of Phase 2 - Official Discussion Thread

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📊  Leaderboard (https://leaderboard.battleofnodes.com/) update & next steps

Hello Nodes Team,

We updated the scores to include Round 4 & Mission #1, go check it out. Still to do: Round 5 score and Round 1-3 uptime bonus, as decided earlier (https://t.me/BattleOfNodes/57).

📆  Round 1 of Phase 2 starts this week, likely on Wednesday. Throughout this round there will be a constant transaction flow from Elrond, giving nodes in Shards 0-4 the chance to earn as much as the Metachain, due to capturing transaction fees. 

🎖  Mission #5 will be back with exactly the same idea, perhaps slightly different figures (i.e. minimum transaction amount). Keep scheming.

⚠️  Round 2 of Phase 2 (next week) will have an interesting scoring feature - validators running on Linux and MacOS will get 100% of the score, while validators running on Windows will get 80%

🧐  Why? Our innovative Virtual Machine uses 3rd party dependencies that do not play well with Windows (https://twitter.com/SasuRobert/status/1193875547375521792) at the moment. The mainnet therefore won't have a Windows native client.

👨‍💻  You can still run validators on your Windows machines, but with a Linux virtual machine (https://techsviewer.com/best-free-virtual-machine-software-2018/) on top. We will share an official tutorial.

Stay tuned for the Phase 2 start announcement.

⚔️  See you on the battle #fiedl ! 🛡

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📣  Announcing Round 1 of Phase 2

Hello Nodes Team,

Hungry for more BoN action? Looks like meat is back on the menu! We have patch v1.0.40 for you guys, come and get it!

🎟  Nodes that participated in the previous rounds are whitelisted by default

👉  Please do: Backup your keys, set up the latest version of the node, restore keys, start node

▪️  Linux (https://docs.elrond.com/start-a-validator-node/start-the-network/connecting-from-linux) installation guide
🔹  Windows (https://docs.elrond.com/start-a-validator-node/start-the-network/connecting-from-windows) installation guide
▫️  MacOs (https://docs.elrond.com/start-a-validator-node/start-the-network/connect-from-macos) installation guide

👌  No need to keep any old databases

⏱  This announcement is in effect as of Thursday 14 November 14:00 UTC. Official uptime monitoring starts Friday 15 November 14:00 UTC, 24 hours from the announcement. Be sure to update your nodes before that time.

⏲  The genesis time is Friday 15 November 14:00 UTC

⚙️  Relevant tags: v1.0.40 and BoN-ph2-w1

🖼  Still running on Windows? You're OK and getting 100% score for Round 1 of Phase 2. Please consider migrating towards Linux for Round 2 of Phase 2, we will only award 80% of score for Windows clients starting then (date not announced)

⚔️ See you on the battle #fiedl ! 🛡

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This is a great opportunity for those who are using Windows to start using new tools that will make running a node look like buying a coffee. I am in particular an addict of Windows for more than 15 years until recently node running migrated me into Linux. Virtual Box or VMware is available to deploy if you still want to use Windows and have a full taste of Linux environment. 

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🎖  "5 Generals" - Mission #5.2 updates

Hello Nodes Team,

The current version of the testnet seems stable so we've turned up the heat a bit more. We're hovering at around 900 TPS right now, so far so good. We're going to keep the current version of the testnet for a few more days and gradually increase the TPS count.

In the meantime, let's get back to scheming! "5 Generals" is back, as announced on Friday. We're changing some things a bit, to make it more interesting and relevant, full details below.

🧐  The original Mission #5 is HERE (link) (https://t.me/BattleOfNodes/54), we consider that as baseline with the changes below

🎖  Mission scoring for the first 4 days of Phase 2 will be decided via one single transaction from each shard. The originating wallet must be in the shard for which points will be distributed. The minimum value of the transaction is 500 000 ERD, without considering gas. The transaction with the highest value, without gas, is victorious. The data field must include the public key of nodes and points assigned to each of them.

📊  Scoring in the first 4 days of Phase 2 will be split as 50% mission, 50% a mix of uptime, earned rewards and proposed blocks. Max score per day is 10.000 points, so you can get max 20.000 points for mission and max 20.000 points for uptime + rewards. Check the formula as below:

First 4 days score = (
(1 x Percent Uptime    +    
2 * Number of Earned rewards / (Hitrate * Max Number of Earned Rewards)     +    
3 * Proposed Blocks / Maximum Proposer Rate)  
/6)   * 20.000   +   
Mission #5 score)

💰  2.920.000 score points allocated for each winning transaction. Why? (Number of community nodes online * mission score for 4 days) / (5, the number of non-meta shards)

🧮  Click HERE (link)  (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oO2Y-4nd2PDl9IQFN-u_vzbO_YiM5e4r3WniFA6rpr4/edit#gid=0)for a spreadsheet with figures and examples and HERE (link) (https://forum.elrond.com/topic/66-scoring-rewards/) for an explanation of the terms

⏱  Please send the transactions by Tuesday 19 November 18:00 UTC

“The great mass of humankind possesses an unmistakable unit-identity. It can be one thing. It can act as a single organism.”

⚔️  See you on the battle #field !  🛡

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🎖  "5 Generals" - Mission #5.2 updates & Phase 2 Timeline

Hello Nodes Team,

The "5 Generals" mission had some very interesting outcomes, with all of you working together as a team, with the help of  Dr. Delphi and his bot. The now famous duo that are thus awarded the completely fictitious and extremely well deserved 

🥁* drum roll * 🥁

👑🤖👑 "Cyber-Crown of the 5 Shards" 👑🤖👑  - a ceremonial headpiece worn by the traditional mechs assembled from 5 Byzantium generals & their elephant robots back in the 11th century.

Congratulations @drdelphi & @BoNmonitorBoT for earning everyone's trust and honorably fulfilling out your destiny!

🤔  The results are extremely interesting, because while the bot managed everything, it was still down to the player's tactics to decide how to allocate their points. Some chipped in as much as they could for their one node, some distributed points evenly between their multiple nodes, others boosted just one of them, while apparently others pooled more than 6 nodes to boost just one.

🧐  The figures can be observed on the blockchain explorer here (link)  (https://explorer.elrond.com/address/f41cbb0cb63d5dfbdbaea7a9dc220828523a362592e9cd6f89e517f173c4387a)and perused in a simpler form in this spreadsheet (link) (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XXFJHARKIUmBCPMe-tF2bB1dnHQX0ODM4sCa_7WHPsA/edit?folder=1gtQ6Z9c0SR8LiGlLQIEjd4REYVoROlXa#gid=287687019).

📊  Obviously the mission rewards topple some expectations and create some interesting Leaderboard action. The goal of this event is of course to have fun and excitement, but above all to test the Elrond blockchain, make it better, more secure and to make sure you guys have all the right knowledge. 

👉  As we move into our more intense testing & adversarial phase, scoring will be adjusted to reward performance much more than just the uptime and missions so far. 

🕵️♀️  Our working balance approach is to make Phase 1 total max score = Phase 2 + Phase 3 total max score. This will balance the efforts so far with the intense task of running a node in a high TPS & adversarial environment

⏱  Round 1 of Phase 2 will be running until we announce a new patch, which is estimated on Thursday. Scoring continues until the official announcement of the end of Round!

"Man and machine, power extreme!"

⚔️  See you on the battle #fiedl !  🛡

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🎥  Battle of Nodes Recap & Next Steps

Hello Nodes Team,

We're working to bring you a very friendly and non-intrusive Validator client auto-update tool. In the meantime we're increasing and decreasing TPS and interpreting results.

🎖  The next mission will be to update your node in under 1 hour from the patch release with this tool. The tool will be released at time "x", then a new patch will be issued at time "x + 24 hr" and mission scoring will happen at time "x + 25hr". You will have a 24 hours interval to deploy the auto-update tool on your node and then we plan to see all nodes updated within 1 hour from the new patch. "x" = soon(tm)

📊  To even out scoring between those who had full uptime but no time for missions and those who dilligently did missions even if they couldn't maintain 100% uptime, we're normalizing the score for the coming period. Please check the current calculations here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z1oMYll6ileduuvxZ0pzLuGhVKd5PwnzMdfWIeeVMPk/edit?folder=1K6Jr6_pMZWYr9Ev4kbL6Y8VMNV8R5B93#gid=0) - feedback welcome! 

💌  In the meantime, our war correspondent writes home to his wife about his experiences on the battle #fiedl. A romanced recap of the Battle of Nodes event so far:


 (https://medium.com/elrondnetwork/tales-of-war-a-letter-from-the-front-line-950ff6b5b465)"The toughest mission so far challenged the trust we have in one another and had us doubt our comrades. They wanted to re-enact the Byzantine Generals problem and have us risk it all on trusting just a few of us. But we pulled through, thanks to our field medic and his heavy lifting robot."

⚔️  See you on the battle #fiedl !  🛡

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🎬  Closing Round 1 of Phase 2

Hello Nodes Team,

Round 1 of Phase 2 is now over! It was a very good run, thanks for all your participation. We had the epic 5 Generals mission, our longest round yet, TPS was nice, some new errors were found, fun was had by all. 

📊  Monitoring has stopped Friday 22 November 14:00 UTC, exactly 1 week after the start of Round 1. It is now safe to turn off all nodes until Monday (please read below)

🚧  Shard 2 had troubles adding new blocks for the last 14 hours or so. We actually know why for a long time and the development for the improvement is done and it will be included in the next patch. So we grow!

📡  An automatic update script is being tested right now. We will offer it to you guys on Monday 25 November 12:00 UTC (estimate). From that point over, all nodes will have 24hrs time to opt into using the script. After the 24 hour grace period, a patch will be issued. The Latest Version penalty will henceforth be decreased from 24 hours to just 1 hour. 

🧐  Why an auto-updater: This is so we can release patches faster, restart the blockchain faster and overall be more confident about spamming the network. Remember that Phase 3 is coming as well, recovering from those deadly attacks will be interesting!

👉  Please do: make sure you watch this announcement channel in the 24 hour period starting with  Monday 25 November 12:00 UTC and onwards for the autoupdater instructions.

👻  While we wait for the hot new rating system to clean out offline nodes and low performing ones, ghost nodes will be purged. 70-ish nodes haven't been online in a while, so we will remove them in Round 2 of Phase 2. They can be re-added to the next Round, if you decide to turn them back on.

"Some say Mondays are terrible. Nothing a new patch can't fix." - aspiring ex-smoker

⚔️  See you on the battle #fiedl!  🛡

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