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Round 5 of Phase 1 - official discussion thread

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📣  Announcing Round 5 of Phase 1 & Latest Patch

Hello Nodes Team,

We trust you got a good rest over the weekend and are back with fresh energy for Round 5 of Phase 1! We have launched patch v1.0.38 which contains a series of fixes and improvements.

⚠️  Reminder: This is a Phase 1 - Build extension. We're aiming for a stable network and a few missions, no stress testing or attacks.

🎟  Nodes that participated in the previous rounds are whitelisted by default

👉  Please do: Backup your keys, set up the latest version of the node, restore keys, start node

▪️  Linux installation guide
🔹  Windows installation guide
▫️  MacOs installation guide

👌  No need to keep any old databases

⏱  This announcement is in effect as of Monday 04 November 09:00 UTC. Official uptime monitoring starts Tuesday 05 November 09:00 UTC, 24 hours from the announcement. Be sure to update your nodes before that time.

⏲  The genesis time is Tuesday 05 November 07:00 UTC, but scoring will start Tuesday 05 November 09:00 UTC, so as to keep our commitment of 24 hours notice for everyone.

⚔️ See you on the battle #fiedl ! 🛡

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Understanding accounts & addresses & public keys & wallets

alright! *cracks knuckles*

There are 2 to the power 256 accounts possible in Elrond. That's a silly number I can't even pronounce. Bazzilions of trillions of milli-gazillions of mega-millions of billions-trillions. Let's just say there are only 30 accounts possible, instead.

So Elrond30 has account 1, account 2, ... , account 30

Each account can be accessed with a private key and can be identified publicly by its public key.

Now, let's go back to what I wrote before about state and how it represents all the accounts and their balances. So Elrond30's state is a list that looks like:

Account 1: 500 ERD
Account 2: 200 ERD
Account 30: 900 ERD

When a "round" happens, we move from one state (current list of accounts and balances) to the next state. In a round we have transactions, so Account 1 sends 100 ERD to Account 30, then the next state is something like:

Account 1: 400 ERD
Account 30: 1.000 ERD

Easy when we only have 30 accounts, my Casio watch from 1984 could do that. But when we have bazzillions of gazillions, hmmm, things get messy. So why not "shard" them, or split them up? This way, instead of all the nodes in the Elrond network keeping track of all the bazilions of gazillions, we make "teams" of nodes to keep track of a portion of the bazzillions.

Let's go back to Elrond30. It has 30 accounts and we split them in 3 shards. As per the architecture, we have Shard 0, Shard 1 and Shard 2 as the 3 shards, and the metachain to account for cross shard transactions and all that. So now we split the 30 accounts in 3 shards.

Accounts 1-10 are in Shard 0
Accounts 11 - 20 are in Shard 1
Accounts 21 - 30 are in Shard 2



[In reply to Sever | TL;ERD]
Each of the accounts has an address, which is conveniently the public key paired with the private key used to access thhe account.

So you can say, for the sake of our argument, that an account is the same as an address which is the same as the public key.

- The account 9a81adb5b5f3633724e92604cbc8c79b9addd4413d814b5e3f605c1fe1a33491 has a balance of 100,004,380.8840 ERD (hue hue hue)

- That balance is largely due to account c3615339baf6c19b7b9723b706b83dda35d7b173c4f7d3fe22f4dbeafd887493  sending 100.000.00 ERD to the address 9a81adb5b5f3633724e92604cbc8c79b9addd4413d814b5e3f605c1fe1a33491

- I can access that account with a private key that only I have. The public key pair for that private key is again 9a81adb5b5f3633724e92604cbc8c79b9addd4413d814b5e3f605c1fe1a33491

(turns around from the blackboard, everyone already left 15 minutes ago)

OK, so let's continue


For people to make sense of all of the above, the nerds that came up with all of this impossible stuff thought: hmm, we have accounts and addresses and public keys which are all the same. But something's missing. Let's add one more word that basically described the above: "wallet"

A wallet loosely is similar to "account", but more often refers to the interface used by someone to access an account. That's why we have "web wallet" like myethereum.com, "mobile wallet" like the TrustWallet dApp, "hardware wallet" like Ledger, etc.

But, for the sake of our example, account = address = public key = wallet.

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🎖  Battle of Nodes Mission #3 & other updates

Hello Nodes Team,

Mission #3 will be a bit easier than the previous one. The goal here is to get you guys looking a bit under the hood of your nodes, see what happens when you mess around with things. Simple things first - node display name.

🕵️♀️  NodeDisplayName represents the friendly name a user can pick for his node in the status monitor. You can change it in the prefs.toml file located in the elrond-config folder

👉  Give your node(s) a name, if you haven't already, by updating your prefs.toml file(s)

👉  Send a transaction with 900 ERD and your NodeDisplayName in the Data field to 


⚠️  Send 1 transaction for each node, don't group or split

⏱  Mission #3 is in effect as of Wednesday 06 November 16:00 UTC and will end in 24 hours on Thursday 07 November 16:00 UTC. Please make sure to correctly send out the transactions by then

2️⃣  Perhaps aptly named "number 2", according to some opinions, yesterday's mission was both challenging and tedious. Due to these reasons we decided to give those of you who didn't have a  chance to complete Mission #2 in time a chance of doing so.

👉  You can complete Mission #2 untill Thursday 07 November 04:00 UTC with a 50% score penalty.

📊  Leaderboard update is in progress. @SeverMM is old and we're still teaching him how to use computers. He spent his last two days trying to guess his own password before asking for help.  🤦‍♂️

💰  Bonus points if you change your node's name to something that breaks something (https://xkcd.com/327/), somehow

⚔️  See you on the battle #fiedl !  🛡

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🎖  Battle of Nodes Mission #5

Hello Nodes Team,

Perhaps one of the biggest wonders of blockchain is that it provides an efficient solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem. Byzantium was so filled with wars and political infighting, that the term "byzantine" became synonymous with complexity and deceit.

🏰  The Byzantine Generals Problem (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-mNgqJETQg) is when a bunch of generals from the Byzantium empire surround an enemy city to attack it. Success will only be achieved if they coordinate so all attack at once. With no phones and a propensity for treachery, things really get interesting. 

📄  If you love reading, check this 1982 research paper (https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~luca/cs174/byzantine.pdf) by Leslie Lamport, it will give you some insights into how old the problem is, how old the actual math solution is and maybe even make you wonder what took Satoshi so long to implement it?

🧝‍♂️  Blockchain technology solves this problem with neat mathematical variations that help decentralized networks achieve consensus. At Elrond we invented something we call Secure Proof of Stake, read more about it here (https://docs.elrond.com/learn/secure-proof-of-stake).

If you want a fun & practical example, here it is:

📊  The scoring over the weekend will be decided via one single transaction from each shard, so 5 transactions decide all the scoring. The originating wallet must be in the shard for which points will be distributed. The minimum value of the transaction is 1.000.000 ERD, without considering gas. The transaction with the highest value, without gas, is victorious. The data field must include the public key of nodes and points assigned to each of them.

🧐  Example of payload:

004b262af9256b4fb09964c32489cb193bc75553ce96fd635de56afa2cb105 15000
d60b64080d7e27f09947d65a86ef42cc4d2d7f011cbe5252cd983be2373a5 10000
221a61101b89427432d107f1deef094b71f1d59bc246e3b94eb8ca888917 5000

With the above we will assign points to the nodes which registered with those public keys (initialBalancesSk.pem) as instructed: 15k, 10k, (anything 2.412.000 or less).

👉  Send the transactions to this wallet:


⏱  Mission #5 ends Monday November 11 20:00 UTC. Transactions received after that are disconsidered.

💰  The transaction, per shard, with the highest amount of ERD, wins

📊  Each winning transaction per shard gets to assign 2.412.000 points by assigning each node points in the data field, as explained above

🧮  Why 2.412.000? Maximum score per day is 10.000. We will do this mission over 3 days. 50% of scoring will be uptime, 50% will be mission. So 5.000 points each day will go to the mission. 3 days x 5.000 points per node x 804 community nodes = 12.060.000 points, split by 5 shards =  2.412.000

🤴 The transaction decides everything and is final, no mistakes. Anything goes - a single node can get all the points from all transactions and any possible combination you can imagine

🚀  If you think 1.000.000 ERD is too much, keep your eyes on that TPS counter over the weekend - more transactions, more fees, more block proposer fees!

⚖️  In case more than 2.412.000 points are assigned in the data field of the winning transaction, we will only award points in the order received, until reaching 2.412.000, no more after that

😱  "But why should I entrust my money and identity and chance to succeed to complete strangers, that's crazy!!!"  Yes, it is. And yet we do it, every single day of our lives. Blockchain is important.

“He who controls the ERD controls the universe.” ― Frank Shardbert, Dune

⚔️  See you on the battle #field !  🛡

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🎬  Closing Round 5 of Phase 1 and Phase 1 overall!

Hello Nodes Team,

What an eventful Round 5! We had a stable network, 3 full missions and the start of perhaps one of the coolest mission so far. But we also tried turning up the heat and increasing the TPS count beyond what is presently reasonable. 30k TPS though, HOW COOL IS THAT?? Anyway, back to Earth, for now. We close Phase 1, start with Phase 2 next week and re-start Mission #5 as well

🎬  Round 5 of Phase 1 ends Sunday 10 November 23:59 UTC

📊  Scoring for Round 5 will be made of uptime & completed missions. Small bonus for uptime in Shards 1 & 3 to account for the restarts

🎖  Mission #5 is cancelled in its current form due to issues with Shards 1 & 3. It will come back next week

👉  Please do: make sure nodes are running up until Sunday 10 November 23:59 UTC for maximum uptime and keep your eyes on the announcements channel for the start of Phase 2!

📆  Overall schedule at this point is 2 weeks over the initial estimates. Thank you for you continued support as we make incredible progress!

🏋️♂️  Prepare your nodes - Phase 2 will feature constant transactions that we will send over the network at varying rates, with scoring tuned to discourage sub-par systems

General scoring - thank you all for the feedback about uptime fairness. Our goal is to encourage everyone to run a node for as much as possible, not to aggravate those who do their best to maintain uptime but get a "hiccup" due to conditions outside of their control. 

🤩  We will apply a retroactive 0.7% bonus (~10 minutes / day) for daily uptime scores, without going over the maximum possible. This evens out the scores for those who do their best to maintain high uptime, and does virtually nothing for those who turn on their nodes occasionally or are offline for longer periods of times due to other conditions.

⚔️  See you on the battle #field !  🛡

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📣  Updates about Phase 2 start, Scores and Mission #1

Hello Nodes Team,

The Leaderboard (https://leaderboard.battleofnodes.com/) is now updated with all the scores from Rounds 3 & 4, including Mission #1. We uploaded the instances where the scores awarded for the Mission were less than full here, go check it out.

⏱  Uptime bonus: as previously announced, we decided to grant an uptime bonus to clear up the issues from a missed network package or failed heartbeat for whatever reason. Uptime scoring is meant to encourage you guys to keep nodes running all the time, not make you angry that in spite of your scripts and expensive VPSs, you lose points. We heard you.

🤩  We applied a flat 2.5% bonus score to everyone, without exceeding the maximum 10.000 points per day score. This fixes the tiny differences between our 100% operators while nod doing anything for people who are offline for longer periods of time

🎖  Mission #1 scoring - because of our "Nobody gets left behind!" philosophy, we decided to award partial scores to people trying their best in the mission. We split it in 4 parts: Transaction with proper amount, Transaction with proper info. Filling in the form, Starring the Repo. Doing at least one of those was scored. Obviously people who did the full mission got full points and are way ahead of the rest. 

👉  Please check the Leaderboard (https://leaderboard.battleofnodes.com/), check if your nodes are in the Mission #1 issues list (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xR1279hEw5kzcyAX_Z-qjsj4a9AutyGIrftQdZnDvT8/edit#gid=0), and get in touch with @SeverMM to fix anything related to transactions. No GitHub or Forms issues, I already did my best to address that individually with everyone I could.

📆  Patch is almost ready, testing it one more time overnight. Expect Phase 2 announcement on Wendesday and actual start on Thursday.

⚔️  See you on the battle #fiedl !  🛡

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