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Running a Node - Useful documentation

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Official guide for setting up a node:


Community enhanced official scripts:


Community tutorials:

“FAQ running Elrond Network node for the first time” by Jose F. Aznar https://link.medium.com/4ime0uLMn0

“Fast Install & Update Elrond Nodes” by Jose F. Aznar https://link.medium.com/pQxZjzOMn0

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For installing/upgrading one or multiple nodes in Ubuntu 18.04, an alternative set of scripts can be found here.
It should be self-explanatory (scroll down for instructions), but if there are questions, I'd be happy to answer them!


This may be integrated in the official ElrondNetwork 'elrond-go-scripts' repository, but until then you can just use the link above.

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And the screenshot battle is ON!! 😎 


Not yet running on Alwins great multi node totorial, but I can easily incorporate my erd1mod.patch (available on my github) in it for pimping my nodes and deploy.

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Guys, I'm now running my nodes with the scripts os SebastianJ. In htop (install with apt install htop ) I can kill one of the node's processes with F9 (SIGTERM) and then after a second I see the node process starting again. It's awesome what systemd does, I think. 🙂


What you do for, say, 3 nodes is:

You zip your pem files for each node ( keys-8080.zip for your 1st node, keys-8081.zip for your 2nd node, keys-8082.zip for your 3rd node)

You create 3 folders to hold your zipped pem files:
mkdir -p ~/elrond/keys/8080
mkdir -p ~/elrond/keys/8081
mkdir -p ~/elrond/keys/8082

You copy each zip file to the right folder, one of the three folders you created in step 2

You stop your nodes with:
tmux kill-server

You run Sebastian's scripts with

bash <(curl -s -S -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SebastianJ/elrond-tools/master/setup/setup.sh) --nodes 3 --display-name YourName --start --systemd
This will create 3 running nodes with node names: YourName-1, YourName-2 and YourName-3.


You can see all your nodes' statuses with:
systemctl status elrond@808*.service

You can restart (stop and restart) all your nodes with:
systemctl restart elrond@808*.service

You can stop all your nodes with:
systemctl stop elrond@808*.service

You can start all your nodes with:
systemctl start elrond@808*.service

If you just want to do these things for just 1 node, don't use 808*, but for instance 8082.
Instructions and code can be found here:
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On 9/29/2019 at 12:07 PM, Sorin Pop said:

Official guide for setting up a node:

https://docs.elrond.com/start-a-validator-node/start-the-networkWow!  Signs of life...

I'm a little mystified as to how what seems to be a viable cryptocurrency with what seems to be a decent development team can have a 'forum' which is bereft of people and posts. 

I am a conspiracy theorist at heart, having written 'The Xenix ChainSaw Massacre,' so I don't *really* believe that Elrond is an AI program that has taken on a life of its own and murdered all of the real people involved in the project...but then again...



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3 hours ago, Carlos Hernandez said:


Haha, Carlos,

Yes we are all still alive! The truth is, that this platform didn't hit it off with all the activity happening mostly in Telegram. There is a very active group of node operators on Telegram @ElrondValidators.

Feel free to join us there too!

Best regards, Alwin

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