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NOOB ZONE. How to create PEM File so that I can do STAKE.


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Hi guys,

When I created my Elrond Wallet I've secured it with an JSON File. Now, am I still able to create a PEM, so that I can do Stake? If so what is the correct procedure to create the PEM file?

Please be kind, as you've seen in the title you are dealing with a beginner and my experience in this domain can be considered AT BEST close to ZERO.

Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,


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On 1/21/2021 at 8:38 PM, kevin lallement said:

Hello 🙂


First thing first you need to run an observer/validator and own 2500 egold.

this is the official documentation :


And you can find more help in the dedicated telegram channel :



Bests regards



Thanks Kevin,

But my question is PEM file...


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You don't need a pem file for staking/delegating.
PEM is basically just an unencrypted form of the json file you already have. 
There is no difference in things you can do with one or another.


If you are talking about validatorKeys (which need to be pem's) the above documentation would be helpful to you and you would learn how to generate a pem for your validator. 
Note though, that the validatorKey.pem is seperate from your wallet and doesn't hold any coins.
Also running a validator node requires you to own 2500 egld and to have the technical knowledge to do, as well as a hosting provider that allows crypto and a server with enough power.

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