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Phase 1 Round 4 Official discussion thread

Sever Moldovean

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📣  Announcing Round 4 of Phase 1 & Latest Patch

Hello Nodes Team,

We trust you got a good rest over the weekend and are back with fresh energy for Round 4 of Phase 1! We have launched patch v1.0.36 which contains a series of fixes and improvements, as well as the genesis for Round 4, which will officially start Tuesday 29 October 07:00 UTC, +24 hours from now.

⚠️  Reminder: This is a Phase 1 - Build extension. We're aiming for a stable network and a few missions, no stress testing or attacks.

🎟  Nodes that participated in the previous rounds are whitelisted by default

👉  Please do: Backup your keys, set up the latest version of the node, restore keys, start node

▪️  Linux installation guide
🔹  Windows installation guide
▫️  MacOs installation guide

👌  No need to keep any old databases

👉  Node names are taken from prefs.toml instead of config.toml, starting with this patch, please edit accordingly

⏱  This announcement is in effect as of Monday 28 October 07:00 UTC. Official uptime monitoring starts Tuesday 29 October 07:00 UTC, 24 hours from now. Be sure to update your nodes before that time.

⚔️ See you on the battle #fiedl ! 🛡

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Hello Team Nodes,

Your continuous support and involvement in Battle of Nodes is both making us humble and more responsible. We want you to be proud of us and we need your help to make that happen. So for our first Battle of Nodes mission we decided to try and align our incentives. Here’s what this is all about.

Elrond has recently been listed on CoinCodeCap.com. The name is a clever play on CoinMarketCap.com, but instead of tracking token price and trading volume, it tracks GitHub activity. This is a very good indicator about a project’s liveliness and the team’s commitment to keep building. It therefore is not a surprise for anyone that Elrond is ranked high because of our very active development team.


Besides the number of commits to a project’s GitHub repository, CoinCodeCap also tracks its “popularity”, which is measured by the number of times a project has been “Starred”. That’s the same as following someone on Twitter or liking a page on Facebook. Help us become more popular and make Elrond’s rank on CoinCodeCap something we can all be proud of!

Here’s the mission:

  1. Star our repo on GitHub
  2. Fill in this form
  3. Send one transaction for each of your nodes

We will then:

  • Look at successful blockchain transactions originating from your respective wallets
  • Confirm the “food” in the Data field is exactly the one you provided in the form
  • Check if the GitHub login you provided us in the form has our repo “starred”

Detailed tutorial

  1. Star us on GitHub
  • Register a GitHub account, if you don’t have one
  • Go to https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go
  • Hit the “Star” button (“Watch” also helps us a lot, but not mandatory for this mission — can get spammy)

2. Open the wallet

  • Select the initialBalancesSk.pem file for the node you are sending for

3. Send the transaction

  • Add this address to the “To” field:


  • Add “800” ERD in the Amount field -> 800 ERD is mandatory! Transactions with less than 800 ERD will not qualify for completing the mission
  • Add your “Food”, as filled in the form, on the Data field (same character count, case sensitive, space sensitive!)

4. Repeat for each node

How many points will I earn?

According to our simplified scoring algorithm, a mission is worth 10.000 / 11 = 910 (rounded up) points.

Scoring algorithm:

Daily Score = (1 x Percent Uptime + 3 x (Number of Earned rewards / Hitrate * Max Number of Earned Rewards) + 6 x (Proposed Blocks / Maximum Proposer Rate) + 1 x Mission)/11 * 10.000

Max Score = (1 x 1 + 3 x 1 + 6 x 1 + 1 x 1 )/11 * 10.000 = 10.000

These points will be considered for your Day 1 of Round 4 score.

What if I have more than 1 node?

In order for your node to earn “mission” points, you need to send a transaction from each of your node’s Balance wallet. 6 transactions for 6 nodes, for example. Make sure to use the same “food” in all the transactions!

Why food?

Everyone loves food and we love to hear what you guys enjoy in different parts of the world. We also respect your privacy and would never ask you to provide info such as GitHub login publicly via transactions anyone can see. Not the world’s biggest secret, but the principle of it is important, and we respect it.

Why 800 ERD?

We’re counting rewards earned, so we want to make sure you can only complete a mission if you have enough of them.

Some boring math:

86.400 seconds in a day & 6 seconds block time -> 14.400 blocks in a day

63 nodes in the consensus round & 163 or 164 nodes in a shard -> 63/163 * 14.400 = 5565 rewards earned in a day

0.2 ERD per reward -> 1113 ERD earned in 24 hours

800 ERD is what you should have if you earn 71.8% of rewards in a day

Metachain has an advantage, they have 163 nodes in the consensus rounds, so end up earning more rewards.

By when should I complete this mission?

This mission is in effect as of Tuesday 29 October 13:30 UTC and will end Wednesday 30 October 13:30 UTC. Transactions sent after that time will not be considered.

Does the shard I am in matter at all?

Nope! Metachain nodes will have more ERD, but the threshold is achievable in this timeframe for most nodes anyway.

Good luck!

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🚧  Too many open files error

Hello Nodes Team,

Several Linux nodes are throwing a "too many open files" error. This is because TCP connections are treated as open files and counted towards a max, which is 1024. So when connected to 1.000-ish nodes, Linux won't open more files and let our validator software do its thing. We've prioritized the implementation of the feature to prevent this. Patch coming!

👨‍🎨  Coding Artist Iulian Pascalau explains: https://t.me/ElrondValidators/21471

🌏  The issue is manifesting overall and is causing delays to some transactions. The shards are progressing, sometimes slower.

📊  As this situation is global, no change to scoring. 

🎖  Missions: we will make sure you don't get penalized if your correct transaction, sent in the right time frame, is pending due to this situation.

👉  Please do: keep your nodes online and watch this channel for the patch announcement.

"If it's not broken, why not break it?" - ancient Round 1 proverb

⚔️  See you on the battle #fiedl ! 🛡

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📣  Client version 1.0.37 released

Hello Nodes Team,

The latest patch is here! It removes the cause of the "too many open files" error nodes running on Linux experienced, which will allow all nodes to be able to initiate the recovery process and get the shards with issues unstuck.

👉  Please do: Backup your keys, set up the latest version of the node, restore keys, start node

👉  Please do not delete the database

▪️  Linux scripts
🔹  Windows scripts
▫️  MacOs scripts

👆  Scripts make your life as a node operator easier, when used properly. Please follow the links above and try updating your nodes in a more automated way.

🔎  Check scripts before updating, latest tags are v1.0.37 and BoN-ph1-w4-p1

⚠️  If you're using your own scripts, make sure you update the binary and the p2p.toml, located in the \src\github.com\ElrondNetwork\elrond-config folder

📊  Due to shards 2&3 having gotten stuck since around Wednesday 30 October 23:00 UTC, scoring from then and until Friday 01 November 11:00 UTC will disregard the block proposer rate, to keep the daily scores comparable accross shards.

This announcement is in effect as of Thursday 31 October 11:00 UTC. Official uptime monitoring starts Friday 01 November 11:00 UTC, 24 hours from now. Be sure to update your nodes before that time.

⚔️ See you on the battle #fiedl ! 🛡

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  • Elrond Team

We have discovered a flaw in our finalization algorithm where the finalized block notarized in the metachain was different than the block seen as final in a shard. Based on our findings from shard 3 I will try to describe shortly what happened and how shard 3 got stuck.

The current view of a validator in shard 3 at 17:50 UTC looks like this:


In shard 3 the latest seen header from the metachain has nonce 18685, which contained the highest finalized block nonce in shard 3 with nonce 17175.

Looking in the blockchain explorer on shard 3 page 3 we see the block 17175 at the bottom which was the latest notarized final header for shard 3. The shard worked further with no problems until block 17179, which was sent to the metachain and made block 17178 final in the view of the metachain for shard 3. Starting with block 17179 no blocks were created in Shard 3 for 15 minutes. Because no metachain headers had been added to any block in shard 3, as no blocks were created, shard 3 considered block 17175 as final and tried rolling back to it.

During the latest stall in our network, where the metachain stood still, we have built in a mechanism to fix the stalls, so that all nodes in the shard revert to a lower nonce (nonce-1) and try to create a new block with the lower nonce. If they again do not succeed, the nonce is being decreased, until the latest finalized header from the metachain, 17175.

During the 15 minutes where no blocks had been accepted in shard 3, the revert from block 17179 to 17175 happened. Then shard 3 started producing new blocks starting again with block number 17175 and created a fork. This fork went on until block 17230 in shard 3. During this fork duplicates of blocks 17176, 17177, 17178 were created and the new 17179 was created in the shard, but could not be notarized in the metachain because it built on top of another block 17178. When we do the rollbacks of the blocks, the blocks are taken out from the persistent storage into our datapools, and deleted from the storage. This is what caused the current issue to be unrecoverable, because, e.g. block 17178 was removed from the shard 3 datapool after some rounds.

Afterwards, shard 3 tried to add metachain headers in their blocks, but couldn’t advance with the latest finalized block nonce above 17178, because the metachain would not accept the blocks because they were built on top of a fork. We got to a deadlock, where shard 3 could not advance with its finalized blocks.




We are working on a fix, because now we know what went wrong. We’ll keep you posted with updates.

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🌤  Battle of Nodes will resume after the weekend

Hello Nodes team,

Testing the current patch is taking more time than initially estimated, mainly due to the complexity of the issues addressed requiring proper care and tinkering. The dev team informed us that they are not ready to release now. So let's enjoy the weekend and stay tuned for an announcement on Monday.

👉  Please watch the announcements channel for an update

🎖  Mission transactions sent in time but not executed due to the issues will be considered. Please DM @SeverMM with the TX link or a screenshot of pending transactions, if it's the case

📊  Leaderboard info is currently being processed and will be updated early next week

"The worst part about war is not the fighting, but the waiting" - anonymous shopper on the eve of Black Friday, 1984

⚔️  See you on the battle #fiedl!  🛡

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