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Scoring & Rewards

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Dear community memebers,

Here is an overview on the scoring and rewards methodology.

Battle of Nodes: Scoring & Rewards

🔹Earn rewards for maintaining node(s) and completing missions
🔹Earn special prizes for successful attacks, bug discovery and excellent behavior
🔹Points are awarded for each node daily and added up at the end of the event
🔹Prize pool split between special prizes and uptime rewards
🔹Surprise & secret missions for bonus points
🔹Track your nodes on the leaderboards

The $50.000 prize pool will be split into two categories: 

🏆 Special Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

⏱   Uptime - The highest scoring node per account - 7 prizes
⚔️  Attacks - The best executed attacks on the network
🕺    Community - Members that stand out throughout the event.
👾  Bugs - The most critical bugs or issues discovered

📊 Leaderboards will track the ranking of nodes based on their added daily score, a weighted sum of:

  • Rewards
  • Proposed blocks
  • Uptime
  • Missions
  • Client version - penalty for not updating

The philosophy behind the Battle of Nodes scoring is to reward each node according to their individual conditions, so at the end of each day, node scores are comparable. This is done by factoring in all the many variables of each shard and determining a daily "shard optimum" - the average score possible under the given conditions. Actual results are compared to this optimum to obtain the daily score. Read below to get a better understanding about how we make this fair for everyone.

Scoring explained

The leaderboards will be the place to follow your nodes' performance and how you compare to other participants. The ranking will be done based on score. Score is accrued individually for each node and is calculated on a daily basis. 

Each phase will have slightly different scoring methods, as we look to incentivize different behavior. The score at the end of each round is added up towards a final score. The prizes and rewards are given based on the final standings on the leaderboards, at the end of the Battle of Nodes even.

Phase 1 Scoring

In the Build phase, participants should maintain their node(s) online with the latest client version and do the periodic missions to earn points. 

  • Points are given for:
    • Number of Earned Block Rewards
    • Online (minutes)
    • Missions
    • Latest client version
  • Daily score is:

Daily Score = ((1 x Percent Uptime + 3 x (Number of Earned rewards / Hitrate * Max Number of Earned Rewards) + 6 x (Proposed Blocks / Maximum Proposer Rate) + 1 x Mission) * Client Version)/11 * 10.000


Registered Nodes in shard - at the start of each Phase & Round in Battle of Nodes, the total number of registered nodes is split evenly across the number of shards. Not all nodes will be 100% online during the event, which will mean a reduced Hit-Rate (see below)


Maximum rewards - For every mined block a reward is given to all the validators that participated in the consensus. A block is mined every 6 seconds, so maximum 14.400 blocks can be mined per shard per day, meaning maximum 14.400 rewards can be given in a shard.


In Round 1 there were 21 validators defined in the Elrond consensus mechanism. Thus, the chance of a node to earn a reward for validating blocks is 21/(Nodes in shard). In Round 2 there were 63 validators defined in the Elrond consensus mechanism. Thus, the chance of a node to earn a reward for validating blocks is 64/(Nodes in shard)

Maximum Rewards = Total Rewards per Day (14.400)* (Validators needed for consensus / Registered Nodes in Shard)

In a shard with 133 nodes:

14.400 * (21/133) = 2273.684211 -> The number of rewards a node will earn, on average, if all nodes are online

Rewards are counted by summing up the number of block reward transactions issued by the protocol.

Hit-Rate - Indicates the liveliness of a shard, calculated by dividing the actual number of mined blocks by the total number of blocks possible in a period of time. In ideal conditions, there are 14.400 blocks in a day (86.400 seconds in a day / 6 seconds round time). A hit rate of 1 is ideal.

Hit Rate = Mined Blocks / Maximum Number of Blocks

Client Version - We encourage all the nodes to have the latest client version, so we may effectively deploy critical patch in short periods of time. 100% score will be awarded to nodes with the latest version. A 24 hours grace period after we officially announce a new patch. After that, a 10% penalty is added to the score earned every hour after the grace period.

Missions - There will be periodical missions that earn extra points. It is not mandatory to do these missions, but they give significant score. A mission will be for example sending a transaction with a certain amount of gas or specific data encoded. Missions will be linked by nodes because they will require participants to send certain transactions from the address where staking rewards collected. There will be periodic missions, Scheduled missions, Secret Missions.

Mission = 910 points


The score has 11 elements:

  • 1 x uptime
  • 3 x number of earned rewards
  • 6 x proposed blocks
  • 1 x mission

Daily Score = ((1 x Percent Uptime + 3 x (Number of Earned rewards / Hitrate * Max Number of Earned Rewards) + 6 x (Proposed Blocks / Maximum Proposer Rate) + 1 x Mission) * Client Version)/11 * 10.000

Node Round Score = Sum of Node Daily Scores that Round

Phase Score = Sum of Round Scores

Total Score = Sum of Round Scores


⚔️  See you on the battle #fiedl ! 🛡️

P.S. Leaderboards teaser


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