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Round 1, Phase 1 - Official discussion thread

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Kickstarting Phase 1, Round 1

Alright guys, this is happening! The number of community nodes registered for the event is… are you sitting down?


This is an astonishing number! Your interest in the Elrond network humbles us, thank you!

⚠️ Your action is needed to be able to start in Round 1: backup key files, update nodes, restore key files, start node ⚠️

Backup your keys - this is crypto, keys are important. Locate the files initialBalancesSk.pem and initialNodesSk.pem and save them somewhere safe! They are in the config folder next to your node executable.

Update & restart your node(s) before ⚠️ Wednesday 09 Oct 06:59 UTC ⚠️
- Use the right tutorial: Linux  | Windows  | MacOS
- Restore key files from backup
- Start your node

Countdown to Phase 1, Round 1

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Hello forum enthusiasts, here are the highlights from the last 24 hours from the Battle of Nodes Telegram chat channel:

  1. A lot of nodes joined and are online and kicking. Woooo!
  2. We have synch issues: out of synch nodes take forever to re-synch (downloading the latest version of the database) -> patch is coming today. We tried implementing a community workaround, but it can't be done. We wait for the patch.
  3. Please have a sneak preview at leaderboards.elrond.com - a teaser, not official, scoring is not calculated yet, nothing is official, just a look & feel. We only accept look & feel feedback at this time, the included info is not official or accurate. Soon(tm)
  4. There is an unofficial Telegram bot @BoNmonitorBoT  - @DrDelphi created it. We love it, but it incorrectly tracks "leaderboard" - it is not official nor reporting correct figures. But it is very promising and we encourage its future development! The info it provides is not official!
  5. There is a memory leak issue reported by many users - we're looking into that
  6. @alwin05 has a nice nurse helping him to recover from his cold - get well soon Alwin!
  7. We have the scoring philosophy published, please read it here - https://forum.elrond.com/topic/66-scoring-rewards/
  8. Sign-up form for Round 2 is coming today - new nodes only, so existing nodes don't have to do anything

Make sure you join our Battle of Nodes Telegram chat and announcement channels, all hot info is posted and discussed there. See you on the battlefield!

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📣  Client version 1.0.24 released  📣

We have released a new client version, which fixes the following bugs:
- Bugfixed slow sync
- Bugfixed node crash due to a concurrent map write
- Bugfixed out of memory due to heartbeat monitor trying to write continuously. Added a batch size of 300 on the storer in config.toml

👉  Please do: Backup your keys, then update your node to the latest version:

▪️  Linux update script location  - update.sh : automatically updates an existing node, give the option to keep the database (recommended), does not delete the keys
🔹  Windows update script location   - upgrade.bat : automatically updates an existing node, makes backups and restores your keys and database
▫️  MacOS installation guide  - no update script yet 😔 Backup your keys, set up a new node as per the guide, restore your keys

⚠️Be aware: as of Thursday 10 October 15:30 UTC, you have 24 hours to update your client. After Friday 11 October 15:31 UTC, nodes with an older node version that 1.0.24 will receive a 10% score reduction. ⚠️

If you experienced issues due to the fixed bugs, your score will not be affected. More on that soon.

⚔️ See you on the battle #fiedl ! 🛡

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Hello Nodes Team,

📊  Leaderboard for days 3 and 4 of the event have been updated, check it out!

⏱  The displayed scores are current as of Sunday 13 October 07:00 UTC. Changes after that time will be reflected on the next update.

📉  A 10% penalty has been applied for the time a server has been running an outdated version of the client 14 hours after the latest patch.

There will be one more update on Monday to also include the score until Sunday 13 October 23:59 UTC, when Round 1 of Phase 1 officially ends.

👌  Fix: An issue with same score standings dynamically updating due to "Online" for the last 24 hours changing has been fixed. Same score nodes are now ordered alphabetically by operator "Nickname"

To do: 
- display the time & date of last update

👉  Reminder: the leaderboard is not a live action score, it represents the standings at the last calculated interval

👉  Round 2 signup ends in a few hours, add your first node(s) or up to 6 per existing account in this form.

⚔️  See you on the battle #fiedl  🛡

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