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I have purchased some Elrond as I believe this is a very promising project.  I'd like to store it on my Trust wallet but it gave me a choice of two tokens, do I select the ERC 20 token.  I did try to store it on the Elrond wallet but Binance didn't like the address.  Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please?

Many thanks, Grant

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Erd could be stored on trust wallet under "ERC20" token.

Binance accept deposit ERD into ERC20 or BEP2 format. (BEP2 is a format specific to binance)

To be able to help you, we need to know where you buy your Elrond.

For example if you buy through transak and deposit on Metamask, the format is ERC20.

So you should send your ERD under the ERC20 format

The elrond wallet is "ESDT" format and you should not send ERD on it. After the swap in eGLD you will be able to send eGLD on your Elrond's wallet

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Thanks for your comments Kevin, I bought my Elrond from Binance, I found a very helpful website that covers a number of wallet and exchange queries, https://www.pickacrypto.com/how-to-buy-elrond-network-erd/ , from here I've downloaded the Trust wallet and transferred a small amount successfully.  I haven't transferred the full amount as I'd like to stake it but not sure if I can do it from the wallet and can't find the website that had it.  Thanks for the advice re eGLD but I can just see myself getting into all sorts of trouble.  I'm really enjoying my 'crypto' adventure but man it challenges the few grey cells I have left!

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Why under the amount of my ERD from the trust wallet is not appearing the value in USD, similar with the others cryptos?

under the amount of crypto is the price in usd/eur or what’ve been selected.

same with their value (ERD), price is not reflecting in the total wallet amount.


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