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Totally New to Crypto

Richard Illingworth

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As a totally new user to Crypto Currency, and believe you me there's a lot of reading and re reading to be done to grasp even the very basics. 

So here is my question, If I purchase a 100 euro worth of ERD on say wallet A can I transfer the ERD to another wallet and are there costs inured to do this? My main reason/interest is I have been reading about "Short Term Deposits" which require funds to be in (I assume wallet B) crypto.com. 

Also I read that Elrond are planning on developing their own Wallet, will this be App based as well as Web Based?

As I said I am still new to all of this and it is something I have an interest in, even though I seem to have let this part of the internet pass me at 1 million miles per hour.

Every Day is a School Day, so they say!

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