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A Community With No People?

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I am a little confused why a forum for a crypto currency wouldn't have any current posts in it, particularly when it seems to have just done a huge 'staking' event and is already fully staked. 

All of the search info on Elrond leads to sites and posts with out of date information, which have apparently been abandoned and left adrift on the web.  

Seems to me Elrond must be another 'insider' thing where the average user will only be able to participate in buying and staking the tokens *after* the 'gravy' is locked up by others.

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there will probably be more interest when the second round of staking i online in 4 days time. Elrond is still relatively new and unfortunately the first to take advantage of such projects are those that are already deep down the rabbit hole of crypto. I purchased token when it was 1/10th of the price it is today Late April 2020 so have made good profits. Check back in a week time and then maybe they'll be more traffic.

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