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Battle of Nodes Terms & Conditions

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Battle of Nodes Terms & Conditions

Our public test event is aimed at improving the current state of the test network with the goal of launching a bug-free and stable main net. Discovering flaws in our tech & economics will require participants to engage in adversarial behavior, such as what might be encountered in the real world. We encourage and reward this behavior in Phase 3 of our event. However, we do require participants to be aware of the terms and follow a set of rules.

Legal & compliance:

  1. Individual participants are required to register and pass a KYC process
  2. The registration process includes an additional waiver & release of liability form, which also needs to be confirmed

General behavior:

  1. Be civil and constructive when engaging with the community
  2. Attacks on validators are only allowed inside the Battle of Nodes test network.
  3. Attacks in Phase 1 - Build and Phase 2 - Challenge will be penalized
  4. The following are forbidden: Social engineering other participants, infecting their computers with malware, physical attacks against other participants or relevant infrastructure

Eligibility for rewards:

  1. Only participants that have passed the KYC procedure and followed the rules will be considered
  2. Rewards will be calculated based on the leaderboard scores or awarded for special missions, such as attacks or bug reporting
  3. All nodes are eligible for regular awards, according to their leaderboards ranking
  4. Special Awards: Only the highest scoring masternode will be considered for each participant
  5. Elrond employees and affiliates are allowed to participate but are not eligible for rewards
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