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Generating your Elrond identity - MacOS

Iulian Pascalau

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  • Elrond Team
Step 1: install & configure go:

The installation of go should proceed as shown in official golang installation guide https://golang.org/doc/install . In order to run the node, minimum golang version should be 1.12.4.


Step 2: clone the repository and build the binaries:

The main branch that will be used is the master branch. Alternatively, an older release tag can be used.

mkdir -p $HOME/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork
cd $HOME/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork

git clone https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go
cd elrond-go && git checkout tags/v1.0.20
git pull

GO111MODULE=on go mod vendor
cd cmd/node && go build -i -v -ldflags="-X main.appVersion=$(git describe --tags --long --dirty)"
Step 3: creating the node’s identity:
In order to be registered in the Elrond Network, a node must possess 2 types of (secret key, public key) pairs.
One is used to identify the node’s credential used to generate transactions (having the sender field its account address) and the other is used in the process of the block signing.
Please note that this is a preliminary mechanism, in the next releases the first (private, public key) pair will be dropped when the staking mechanism will be fully implemented.
To build and run the keygenerator, the following commands will need to be run:
cd $HOME/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go/cmd/keygenerator
go build


Step 4: finding out node’s identity:

Both .pem files generated in keygenerator directory have the same structure just like in the snippet bellow:

-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY for c751005bdd64a7f1a4dfd56937af732907c4ee3a405b05ea43dd84682285a534-----
-----END PRIVATE KEY for c751005bdd64a7f1a4dfd56937af732907c4ee3a405b05ea43dd84682285a534-----

Note that the public key is the text right after "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY for ", so in this case c751005bdd64a7f1a4dfd56937af732907c4ee3a405b05ea43dd84682285a534

initialNodesSk.pem will contain a public key with a length of 256 hexadecimal characters. The public key from initialBalancesSk.pem is 64 hexadecimal characters long

Please use the information in the above mentioned files to fill in this registration form.
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