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Guest Dusty

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Guest Dusty

I wrote some responses I had to this interview in the telegram and thought I would copy paste them here in the hope it helps Elrond.

you know, I don't see why Beniamin isn't more SAVAGE when delivering Elrond's message. Like when asked what makes them different to SOL and AVAX, not saying he should quote their numbers although it would highlight more-so what makes Elrond different, but at least to quote the fact that it takes 200+ validators to be compromised to hack the network making Elrond one of the most secure and decentralised layer 1 solutions but also that developers can use something like 20 different languages to develop on Elrond. WHY NOT mention these statistics when asked what makes Elrond different. Because when Ben talks about bringing on the NEXT BILLION customers, this is the kind of simple stuff they will understand and compute that actually does make Elrond not only perfectly poised in the space to cater for the billions of incoming customers but also that it DOES have things that make it different or even better than its competitors like AVAX and SOL. Perhaps a marketing guy is needed in Elrond to communicate the message of the tech in a simplified way that the average person can understand. My first thoughts would be WHY NOT mention the 200 validators in regards to decentralisation and security and the 20+ languages that can be used to develop on Elrond?

I think Beniamin is being humble and not trying to ruffle feathers perhaps by not mentioning direct comparisons to SOL and AVAX in an interview on a youtube channel that has 2M subscribers. But in a world where there are people like Richard Heart for example, that due to his savage marketing, HEX has an extremely loyal and fanatic community. I think Elrond could do with taking the marketing up a notch especially in interviews with this much exposure. I think Elrond should absolutely be boasting about how decentralised and secure they are and that they have an edge on developer tools. These easy to understand messages should be translated in interviews with this many potential viewers imo.

One thing highlighted during the interview I found very interesting also: The interviewer mentions that there is a lot of user error behind keeping seed phrases or passwords safe, or just not losing them! That even when teaching people who had taken classes to learn, setting up a wallet was a "nightmare" or similar word he used.

I think if Elrond were going to solve any of the user experience problems, some interesting thinking behind these particular problems I think would be really powerful. Currently if I lose my password on Amazon, I can use my email to reset it, my phone, I also get warnings if I log on using a different IP address on google products. What if there were some decentralised way to show that a bad actor has emerged or that a true user is actually who they say they are. Maybe even taking a lot of the pre existing methods for resetting passwords etc and building upon them using blockchain technology and decentralisation.

Crossing our fingers and hoping the best most honest technology wins out is not how the free market works, people need flashy buzzwords and essentially to be SOLD or MARKETED to because let's be honest, most people are dumb.

Just some thoughts I hope can be helpful from an average joe.

Peace! <3

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Hi there, it’s good to have you with us!

We appreciate your feedback and we are taking into consideration every recommendation we receive from our members.

One thing we know for sure: projects that will build and will continue to build will thrive in the end. I'm confident time will make the difference and sooner or later we will all understand that Elrond will be the wave that will lift all boats, taking this massive opportunity from a niche group of people, and extending it to everyone in the world. What Bitcoin was to the Cypherpunks, and Ethereum to developers, Elrond will be to the simple internet user. With only 50-100 million people in the blockchain space, Elrond will open the flood gates to create a new market.

Having the power to process more than 16,200 transactions per second (scaling to hundreds of thousands), 6s latency and $0.001 transaction cost are compelling numbers on their own. Yet Elrond’s appeal for businesses and startups comes from innovations on smart contracts, smart accounts, and tokens, enabling a broad spectrum of diverse on-chain products to be created, with tools that lower development time and costs.

So you would surely understand why we prefer to let our performance to speak for ourselves in terms of comparing to other networks. 
In the end we need to realize one essential breakthrough: a technology so disruptive with such a powerful global impact will undoubtedly reshape our economy tomorrow.

Thanks again for being part of this incredible community - you are valuable to us.

Take care,


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