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Scarcity of nodes debate


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As a long term investment, some of us look into the scarcity of some assets/tokens. In elrond project is important to understand that the main variable will be the scarcity of nodes.

The theoretical maximum nodes number is 40.000, but if you think that will be tokens on exchanges, trading, wallets, etc. I'm thinking in a real maximum of around 25000 nodes.

As the project advances we can forecast that the team will do really easy and smooth to run a node with a couple of clicks in the desktop app. This will transform the project into a mainstream node running project. Thousands of people look into the market of PoS and want to participate but doesn't have technical skills.

The rewards will allow first wave node runners to deploy more nodes with this rewards.

I know that some companies will allow users to contract nodes, and some players will run like 100 nodes or more. On mainnet I think that we'll see the node running numbers grow fast.

We can talk here about current node stats, or news about big players entering in the business of running elrond nodes.

What do you think about this topic?


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I think the minimum ERD needed for staking will be adjusted over time, therefore there's no limit to maximum nodes number. The network can scale infinitely and there's no limitation on device due to parallel processing and sharding. 

Even Bitcoin lightning is only ran by 10K nodes for now. First year is crucial. If we can get >3000 nodes, rewards will be less than 90%. More decentralized. In the few early years market might get monopolized by several people with high staking reward.


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