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Trust.market problem?

George Acsinte

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Hello, I am a bit confused and i hope that i’ll receive some clarifications.

A few days ago i bought an nft from the collection Carpathian Bears it was the no.11 for 0.09 Egld and i’ve put it on sale for 0.15 all good until now. Today i checked the market and it shows that the NFT has been sold 2 days ago but i haven’t received any Egld for that. I can see that there is a new owner for that it’s not under my name anymore but there are no money for the transaction in my account either.  Does anyone know how can i find where the money went? Or do i have to claim them from somewhere? 
Please take into consideration that this was my first NFT transaction.

i would like to thank everyone in advance for any help.


Thank you,

Kind regards,

George A.

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Hi George, thanks for reaching out to us.

We recommend you get in touch with Trust Market representatives as only they will be able to offer assistance regarding the NFT transactions on their platform:

Here you can find their Telegram channel: https://t.me/trustmarketEN 

And here you can find their Twitter channel: https://twitter.com/truststaking

Take care




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