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RIDE tokens vanished and dodgy transaction - Please Help

Angelo Sturt

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Hi all, I could really do with some advice. 

I have somehow lost my RIDE tokens. Swapping RIDE to EGLD resulted in a failed transaction, the RIDE tokens were sent back. However they did not show in the exchange or the web wallet and only in the Maiar app. Having attempted to send them to a friend multiple times so he could change them for me they vanished, RIDE no longer showing at all in the Maiar app. 

I also swapped my EGLD to USDC, however I received far less in value, having started with 88.8 EGLD. As the price dropped I planned to swap back but to my anger I was actually down 8 EGLD. Having checked the contract and taking pictures the EGLD price appeared to keep dropping. I have attached two images. 

I swapped at a market value of $279.90, I received 23,206 USDC???

The same contract now shows the value of EGLD at $266.71, this makes no sense. (Hash ID's below)

I was buy back at a lower price but was losing EGLD? 

Any help please guys. Thanks

This is what I have sent to Elrond, no reply yet 😞 

I have 3 issues, none of which have been resolved. 

ISSUE 1: 0.5 EGLD was unwrapped, the transaction failed and I have not received the funds. I spoke to someone who made no sense, saying I did not have the funds to pay fees when I had over 53 EGLD unstaked in my wallet. 

Hash: b8dfa99c0a8de4ca72c7514937f1a0a84f4702be020e30cf17677a36976183a8

ISSUE 2 :RIDE token: I swapped 990 RIDE for EGLD. Transaction failed, funds returned. However the RIDE tokens do not show in the exchange or web wallet. They did show in the Maiar app. I tried to transfer the funds to a friend from Maiar which failed multiple times. 

Failed transfer example hash: b97985c5a3a2a4de13fe3d0e430f6696dc32a2f61711296879afd0e71858cd70

RIDE hash: c2352982c8776eab3d23b0b8368a72ef37970de03d488fa10842d08c96d42bcf

ISSUE 3: EGLD to USDC. I swapped 88.8 EGLD to USDC and only received 23,209.955556. The math must be wrong as I was 8 EGLD down even when I attempted to buy back at a much lower price. 

I have also noticed the EGLD price in the contract changeS - I have screenshots. 

Currently at $266.71
Was $279.90

What is going on? I feel I have been robbed

Hash: 2e472f2ae12e7752f4868a5df240e7f0928018d1fcebe2cc2310ad902b00cec0






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Hi there, thanks for reaching out to us.

Please make sure you're properly connected to the internet, clear your browser cache & cookies and try again - you should see all your funds in My Account tab. 

Also, we recommend you check and see if you have the latest Maiar app installed and try to pull the screen down to refresh the data and the actual balance.

If some of your mentioned issues have not been enlightened yet, just drop us a mesage at support@elrond.com and we'll gladly assist.

Take care,


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