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You have confirmed 0 out of 0 tickets.


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29 minutes ago, Sparterus said:

I have the following message regarding the lottery 

You have confirmed 0 out of 0 tickets.

There are some invalid statuses for some users in the launchpad website, there is a fix just deployed for that.

If you had egld staked on the address used with the kyc, wait a few minutes and then refresh with clean cache.

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I'm so angry and frustrated because i started the KYC on 17/11, when approved on 19/11, i tried to buy it Egld, but i had to check my account with ramp(buy it more than 250$), i tried with ramp (18/11) and Moonpay (19/11), and just on 23/11 my process was completed on ramp (still waiting a answer of moonpay) to buy it some Egld and now i not allowed to participate of launchpad to buy it some HoloRide because they took a picture on 22/11 and wasn't with more than 1 EGLD on my account.

I did not had the money on my wallet because the verification process took a lot of time, i'm givin up to participate in any launch (regular person do not have time enough), lost a lot of money buying EGLD on 470€ just to participate and do not work, more then 100€ throw it away.

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