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Successful Transfer of EGLD to Testnet Wallet for Kucoin Not Showing in Wallet?


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Hi I correctly transferred from Kucoin and the balance is correctly showing on the right address on Explorer, but not in Testnet Wallet with that address.  It has been 20 minutes since transfer - why would this be and anything I need to do ?  Thanks !


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I have discovered I have sent to test net address but Kucoin has sent to mainnet.  I was oblivious.  I was simply watching staking video produced on Elrond site which showed testnet wallet being used, I therefore installed testnet wallet and transferred....how can I resolve ?

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  • Elrond Team
On 10/7/2021 at 2:40 PM, quintodc said:

Solved, opened up wallet again in mainnet - It was there PHEW !!

Glad you figured it out.

The only "valuable" egld are the ones on mainnet, only this kind of egld are traded on exchanges.

The testnet egld are only as the name says "for test" and have no value.

The wallet however gives you access to the same address on both testnet and mainnet, but the transactions for these are different (chain ID is different in transactions from mainnet and devnet)

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