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Elrond docs regarding smart contracts


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Hi, I wonder if there is an up-to-date brief demo somewhere on using erdpy and Rust without Elrond VS Code IDE to write a simple smart contract but using my account/wallet on the testnet, like my own .pem, etc. 

I've tried to use docs and even VS Code IDE, but I had some problems. Maybe there is too much for someone who wants to understand the basics, like erdpy possibilities, how the Rust project should look. This is best to learn on a very simple smart contract without ready to use templates (even the simplest ones).

What I would love is a video introduction where someone could show:

  1. how to install Rust dependencies and erdpy (I know, it is in docs, but a still good start)
  2. how to scaffold the Rust project
  3. how to write a simple, smart contract which will receive the egld and do some simple operation, for example, will send this egld to smart contracts owner wallet or something like that
  4. how to build, test and deploy such SC using erdpy (testnet)
  5. how to interact with it (what owner can do and how and what other users can do and how)
  6. how to interact with it using SDKs like JS SDK, for example

I would love to do such a video by myself, but first, I need to understand the entire ecosystem better ;) 

I think the docs regarding smart contracts, maybe templates for them or something else, might be not up to date? I am not sure, but I had some errors during the instructions from the docs and videos about VS Code IDE.

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