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Proposal to move dev forum


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We would like to create a dedicated forum / discord / slack / MsTeams (TBD) in order to gather community support easier.

It will help a lot.

This post is to gather awareness and to see if we are sufficient people interested in this.

+1 if interested

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Discord is a good place to chat.  But I think ultimately a living Cookbook of solutions to common problems should be built to prevent repeat questions/shorten replies.

Oreilly Perl Cookbook Style is good

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I agree that Telegram is not suitable for info sharing related to development.
I see the following drawbacks:

  • no tags to categorize the question
  • no "reply in thread" option
  • duplicated content
  • some vague answers
  • bad formatted content (hard to read)
    • also caused by the lack of indentation
  • interleaved threads (Q1 - Q2 - A1 - Q3 - A2 - Q4)

The developers need more structured support from the team and a better way to share info between them.

For a better adoption in the developers community, I suggest the following:

  • technical presentations (uploaded on YouTube)
    • explaining in simple terms the basic concepts & the links between them to offer a big picture (the purpose!)
      • E.g.: blockchain, shards, Smart Contracts, Elrond API, SDKs (+ erdpy), transaction vs SC call, etc.
    • providing clear and simple examples
    • There are good developers without a blockchain know-how that need a boost to start working on Elrond.
  • add the questions (& provide answers) also on StackOverflow
    • I created the "elrond" tag here:
    • This is can be inefficient to use when feedback is needed fast, but it will help a lot the future developers that encounter the same problems.
      • Even the quick questions can be formatted in a StackOverflow format after a while.
    • It will also be seen by "new" developers that didn't hear about Elrond until now.
      • Better SEO (Google search).
      • Some of them are watching all new questions.
      • Some of them are watching some tags that will be used together with "elrond" (E.g.: "smartcontracts", "blockchain", "rust", etc.)
  • If we choose an alternative to Telegram, let's consider a "open" one, that doesn't require having "unusual" accounts.


@Lucian Mincu,

I think that Elrond should focus on the Funnel Development Conversion Rate.

  1. How a developer can hear about Elrond?
  2. How can the programmer start the development on Elrond?
  3. If the programmer started the development, how to continue developing on Elrond avoid a "give up" at a first impediment?
  4. If the programmer developed something, how can he deploy his work?

With this in mind, I believe that we need to choose the platforms and the ways of working.

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