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Send a transaction with datas, by using erdjs (4.0.3) and a Ledger key

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I come to you, because I'm trying to implements a Dapp on the Elrond Blockchain, by using your SDKs.

Actually, I can send Transaction without Data. Everything is OK, the ledger key ask me to confirm the transaction. And the transaction is executed with success.

But, I have problem when :

  • I try to add some data to the transaction
  • I try to execute a smart contract ( the smart contract function and parameters are added to the 'data' field of the generated transaction before sign it )

When I do this, the Ledger key return the 0x6e07 error when a call is made for the signature of the transaction. It means "Invalid data", and this confirm that I have a problem with the 'data' field of the transaction.


Here is an exemple of a working transaction (OK) :

let transaction = new erdjs.Transaction({
      nonce: accountNonce,
      receiver: new erdjs.Address(receiverAddress),
      value: erdjs.Balance.egld(0.1),
      data: new erdjs.TransactionPayload(""),
      gasLimit: new erdjs.GasLimit(70000),
      chainID: new erdjs.ChainID("local-testnet")


But, the errors occurs if I add data. For example :

data: new erdjs.TransactionPayload("Test")

(This is the only difference)


The error details :

ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): TransportStatusError: Ledger device: UNKNOWN_ERROR (0x6e07)
    at new TransportStatusError (erdjs.js:1370)
    at TransportWebUSB.Transport.send (erdjs.js:1983)
    at async Elrond.signTransaction (erdjs.js:791)
    at async Elrond.signTransaction (erdjs.js:2164)


With the debugger, just before the call for the signature, I check the 'data' field of the transaction :

data: TransactionPayload
  | data: Uint8Array(4) [84, 101, 115, 116]

So, the transaction contains the 'data' field of type TransactionPayload. The payload contains a 'data' field who is the representation of "Test" string in a byte Array.


What I am missing ? 


Thank you by advance for your Help.

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