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EGLD available on my wallet are not showing in Maiar

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On 4/16/2021 at 10:10 PM, Sebastien said:

EGLD on my wallet are not displayed on Maiar app. My best guess, it is because they are on BSC (BEP20). What should i do and how to do it?

please check if you can use the binance bridge (didn't use it but appears to do what you need):


Asset: EGLD

Select From Binance Smart Chain network  To  EGLD Network

connect your wallet - you can choose Binance chain wallet extension and use the import seed phrase with the same seed phrase you used with Maiar (if you used the maiar Ethereum address when you transfered the EGLD from Binance to Binance Smart Chain)

Make sure if you already have another wallet configured with the Binance chain wallet extension, that you have the seed phrase for the configured one, so that importing another seed phrase will not make you lose access to your BSC wallet.

Go forward with the EGLD transfer.

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