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Found 2 results

  1. Hi here, I wonder how I can retrieve the ESDT token identifier automatically through the erdjs sdk. What I mean is that I am issuing some ESDT token using something like : let tx = new Transaction({ receiver: new Address("erd1qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqpqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqzllls8a5w6u"), gasLimit: new GasLimit(60000000), value: Balance.egld(0.05), data: new TransactionPayload( "issue" + "@4d534c546f6b656e73" + // "MSLTokens" hex encoded "@4d534c" + // "MSL" hex encoded "@0f41dc" + // 999900 hex encoded (9999*10^2) "@02" // 2 decimals ), }); tx.setNonce(account.getNonceThenIncrement()); await signer.sign(tx); const transactionHash = await tx.send(network); await tx.awaitExecuted(network); Once the transaction is done, I am trying extract the token identifier that matches that transaction. I have understand how to retrieve it manually (for example in that transaction, the token identifier is `MSL-b55cd2`, we can found it (encoded in hex) in the data of the linked smartcontract). But I have failed to retrieve it through the erdjs sdk. I have tried to retrieve the TransactionOnNetwork from the transaction hash, but I haven't found the token identifier inside it. If some one knows how to do it, it will be a big help ! By the way, if you have a good way to encode the TransactionPayload for the esdt token issue transaction, I am also interested ! Have a good day !
  2. Hi ! I don't know if there is a place to report bugs either than this forum and I haven't seen if this issue is already knew. I transferred some ESDT token to the Heidi wallet, the transaction went well https://devnet-explorer.elrond.com/transactions/0b402c8cbabfbb64334d3afe8442fe7ba319b30964bdfcd7c3653f40cb03e443, but the token are not visible on the explorer https://devnet-explorer.elrond.com/accounts/erd1dc3yzxxeq69wvf583gw0h67td226gu2ahpk3k50qdgzzym8npltq7ndgha/tokens or on the wallet website (Heidi walllet is commited in your github project if you want to check). It seems to be because there is no EGLD on those account, because the same thing with Alice wallet works well. Have a great day !
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