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  1. Hi here, I wonder how I can retrieve the ESDT token identifier automatically through the erdjs sdk. What I mean is that I am issuing some ESDT token using something like : let tx = new Transaction({ receiver: new Address("erd1qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqpqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqzllls8a5w6u"), gasLimit: new GasLimit(60000000), value: Balance.egld(0.05), data: new TransactionPayload( "issue" + "@4d534c546f6b656e73" + // "MSLTokens" hex encoded "@4d534c" + // "MSL" hex encoded "@0f41dc" + // 999900 hex encoded (9999*10^2) "@02" // 2 decimals ), }); tx.setNonce(account.getNonceThenIncrement()); await signer.sign(tx); const transactionHash = await tx.send(network); await tx.awaitExecuted(network); Once the transaction is done, I am trying extract the token identifier that matches that transaction. I have understand how to retrieve it manually (for example in that transaction, the token identifier is `MSL-b55cd2`, we can found it (encoded in hex) in the data of the linked smartcontract). But I have failed to retrieve it through the erdjs sdk. I have tried to retrieve the TransactionOnNetwork from the transaction hash, but I haven't found the token identifier inside it. If some one knows how to do it, it will be a big help ! By the way, if you have a good way to encode the TransactionPayload for the esdt token issue transaction, I am also interested ! Have a good day !
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