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    Thank you very much for your reply. The thing is I never used the 24 word secret phase nor went to a scam website (nor did i sign up for any lottery scam). I've written to everyone for help, elrond and truststaking but not really getting any. The EGLD is currently still in my Maiar wallet and says pending unstaking in 8 days (although I only received the notification this am). After 8 days, is it just going to disappear from my wallet.After 8 days is it just going to go straight to someone elses wallet or does it go back to my wallet and sits unstaked? I dont understand what has happened and I dont understand why Elrond or truststaking arent helping, cant block teh transaction from going through.
  2. Iba


    Hi. I've been staking my EGLD with Truststaking in the Maiar app. Woke up this morning and saw a notification posted at 6.48am saying that my EGLD has been unstaked. I didn't do this. What happened? What should/can I do. I want my EGLD to remain staked. Thanks.
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