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    Hello friends,

    Hello friends, Super excited to finally be able to write stuff on our own forum - cool stuff 🙂 So just to intro myself: I've got a Politics and International Relation educational background from Aberdeen University in Scotland - studied, lived and worked in Ireland, Scotland and England for over 7 years. First started my career as a Software and IT recruitment consultant for an international company with HQ in UK, then moved into Employer Branding, Communication and Marketing and now I'm doing Business Development. 2 years ago I returned to my home country - got a decent position in a corporation BUT after about 1 year there I left the job and joined ELROND. Def - best decision in my life. Super excited to also head Business Development for Elrond and be part of this amazing success story. I'm humbled to be part of such a vibrant community and really love to get inspired by the exceptional we have at Elrond. Yours, Daniel
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