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  1. Also, this is my wallet address which has no elrond or elrond gold or anything. erd1npzjnrjz40ysh9rhu955zggkshhglt8kra0eyraja89dm93kr58qyvnj4d The page that I used to stake wasn't in the wallet app. There was a link on the genesis page, and a medium article I followed.
  2. Sorry for not giving details earlier. I was able to turn my ERD to elrond gold. There was a delay in the transaction but after a few hours it worked. I believe I just need to interact with a contract perhaps to unlock my elrond. I sent 10000 elrond to the staking contract, or what I thought it was on august 8 2020. I would visit either the url I gave you above. But it wasn't the genesis staking. It was something else. A blue and white page that was supposed to show me how much was staked. It always said zero. I couldn't get help on reddit a year ago, but I would appreciate some help trying to figure out where my elrond went. I feel like I tried to stake in this in between period on a page I wasn't supposed to. It was definitely on the elrond website. not a phishing scam. Here is the transaction for the elrond I sent the staking contract. https://etherscan.io/tx/0x22f8822cd5c5b553183a0faa898ba04ce5464feb4e2e4aac4ebea3f3a7e04896
  3. I have screen prints of two transactions where I have lost elrond. Once trying to turn my elrond to elrond gold using the bridge. Once trying to "stake" And no one from elrond tried to help. The last time was today, tryng to convert ERD to EGOLD using trust wallet. I was only going to send a few to test but the gas fee was big so I sent all. Now I don't see it in my trust wallet although the transactions were confirmed. Followed the directions here https://elrond.com/blog/elrond-token-swap-bridge/ The link to the staking page where I first lost about $500 is here. Doesn't even exist any more. https://genesis.elrond.com/dashboard I would appreciate some help. Thank you
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