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  1. Hello, Not really related to this topic, but let me reply if the team hasn't already. You have to wait your turn, there is no other way. Myself, I had to wait 6 months.
  2. Thank you Adrian. I have been soooooo busy, it took me a while to thank you. I guess I will continue that way then. First, I was surprised because it went down from 29% to 16.7% so I thought it would be better to move to staking. But most of interesting staking pools are full. Cheers
  3. Thank you Adrian.
  4. Hello all, I am an active delegator on Elrond wallet, and I would like to confirm a few things regarding phase 3, please. On Elrond's blog, on March 11th, this was posted: On March 18th, this was posted: So, some action is needed right? I need to stop my active delegation and move my eGLD to stake in my Elrond wallet or in Maiar right? BTW, featured staking pools are full and it seems like, with available pools, I would have a way lower APR... Thank you.
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