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  1. "If you are not happy with a SP you can always undelegate your funds and delegate to a different Staking Provider. " If I had, say, 2000 EGLD, the 10 days without rewards (and...I don't know, without MEX, too ?) would make it quite difficult to consider changing the SP too often ("always" ), even when I had serious reasons.
  2. It wouldn't be fairer to have complete infos in Maiar or web Elrond Wallet, so we can decide without too many researches what staking provider fits our criteria ? As it looks now, to choose a staking provider looks like a lottery...May be it is the way it is, but, so far, you do'nt spend too much effort to warning us about this. I think it's not fair.
  3. Ok, thanks for clarifying things, sorry if i was presumptuous.
  4. What a big surprise..we've got answered !!! (after 3 weeks, since 1st post - 28 mars - issued, about no rewards problem) @tashanka that's not gonna happen , for sure ! 🙂
  5. @tashanka thx for info ! i'm disapointed, tho :(, i mean what's the point to build a forum while you do not care about it
  6. I'm wondering why the Elrond team keep not answering these questions especially when it comes to FEATURED staking providers as Stake Capital, Everstake and others
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