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  1. Thank you @Adrian Dobrita for your answer. It's much appreciated! I looked into the code which is written in Go, very interesting. Question : Where do you find the documentation for Pure functions i.e. getTotalActiveStake, get.. ? I don't see any examples of it on the Elrond docs https://docs.elrond.com/sdk-and-tools/rest-api/virtual-machine/.
  2. A simple condition could be to find out for a specific staking provider : If stake balance of staking provider A is lower than his delegation cap then trigger a message to the channel that there is X available eGLD to stake. Where X = delegation cap - stake balance Sounds logic or am I missing something ?
  3. Hello, I like the Elrond ecosystem a lot, I would like to contribute as much as possible during my free time, thus I set myself some objectives. One of my objectives is to provide a powerful bot to my community on Discord, and so far the bot can already read some data fetched from Elrond API such as information of staking providers (top SP, list of identities, details of SP) and send it back to the channel in a digest way. Here is my question, I would like to know if there is a possibility via Elrond API to get notifications from the Elrond Proxy (or should it be d
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