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  1. The everstake company states that if they did it maliciously-they will refund. But as I understand elrond also doesnt think did it maliciously - so the regular person 🙂 who between the staker and the token - just gets less staking rewards as promised. thats sad.
  2. So recieved my first reward from Everstake. Doesnt seem like a reward to me at this point 🙂 Hope the number will increase significally during the next days.
  3. For me personally the is not a problem waiting, if I know I can get the "missed" rewards later. But at this moment the missing rewards will not be refunded. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Best case scenario would be if they could somehow compensate.
  4. Pinned on 17th or April. Everstake Chat, [17.04.21 15:49] 📣Dear Elrond Delegators Everstake has 45 nodes in the Elrond network, 43 are in the waiting mode, 2 are validating. Why 43 are in waiting mode? Waiting mode is not the same as waiting list, we are already in the network 📍When staking was announced to start on 26th of March, we were already taking an active part in network development and network security, testing everything out since the Battle of Nodes. That is why we were and are an official elrond staking partner. At 26th of March when the staking lauched we
  5. So I was referred to the everstake companies telegram and they had a pinned post. 📢 Dear Elrond Delegators! ⚠️ Elrond rewards tentatively to be distributed this week ⚠️ ❗️Don't worry, your funds are absolutely safe&secured❗️ Everstake is waiting when Elrond team unstakes foundational nodes, providing more space for validators 📍This was planned to happen earlier, however, was postponed in order to avoid any security issues and to test everything out. Sorry, but this does not depend on Everstake 📍The mainnet upgrade, which is a prerequisite for unstaking
  6. 2 days later - 0 rewards. Its the weekend, maybe on monday?
  7. Well, I joined the telegram group yesterday. I was advised there, that the issue would be fixed in a couple of days. On behalf that the nodes would start running by tomorrow approximately. But when I asked the question there, I was answered immediately. Guess they prefer communicating on telegram, rather than on the forum. For some reason 🙂 I suggest you do the same, join telegram and adress the issue there.
  8. Staked on Everstake Company ..on March 27th, but 0 rewards. I have the same question that has been asked before: Will the rewards come later? Will they be payed also for the rewards what are missing? Or is the staking provider "broke". And should I find a new one? Or is the Maiar app staking more "successful" ?
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