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  1. @drew.. @Adrian Dobrita Thank you for the clarifications!
  2. Hello all, I am currently staking 30 EGLD to Sikka and I noticed that the reward amount I am getting per day is much lower than it should be. Sikka have an APR of 18.46% and a fee of 13% at the time I'm writing this. I calculated like this: 30 * 18.46% - 13% = 4.81806 EGLD/year; 4.81806/366 days = 0.0131640983606557, so I should get at least 0.0131 EGLD per day. I only received 0.0059 for the first day and 0.0074 for the second day. That means I am getting about half the amount of EGLD I should be getting per day. I have a few questions related to this issue: 1. Can this i
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