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  1. Well, still no returns showing in the HAMATek pool, so I began the unstaking process. Still, it's great to see eGLD doing so well in the last few days!
  2. Yes, the 10-day unstaking period is a little intense, since so much can happen to the market in that time. I’m giving it until tomorrow afternoon, then taking the advice support gave me. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, though.
  3. Ok, so I just received a reply from Elrond support that answered my question. To anyone else who is experiencing this issue, rewards on all nodes should begin by April 10. If your validator still shows 0% by then, you should unstake and choose a different pool.
  4. I’m currently staking in a Maiar pool, but I somehow overlooked the APR being 0%. I am curious why there is no return, despite a 20% fee and phase 3 having begun, and if this will change. Would I be better off unstaking and choosing a different validator, or will the pool begin to generate rewards once it is live for a longer period?
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