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  1. Seems to have been resolved after the changes below and when the sync was done. I noticed the syslog was getting massive, so in nano /etc/systemd/system/elrond-node-%INDEX%.service changed -log-level *:DEBUG to -log-level *:INFO Also, just in case I want to set it back to `*:DEBUG` the rotation of the syslog can use some improvements on a clean install: nano /etc/logrotate.d/rsyslog Add `maxsize 1G` in both blocks: /var/log/syslog { rotate 7 daily maxsize 1G missingok notifempty delaycompress
  2. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place, but anyway. I was running a node on a 4GB 240GB 2x2.4GHz Ubuntu 18.04 VPS, but every +/- 1 hour it was jumping to 99% memory and then restarting the node after a few minutes: After I upped the ram to 16GB, just to check it out, and now it seemed to take 6 hours until the same happend: Is this normal?
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