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  1. I modified this script : https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-scripts/blob/master/windows-amd64/buildnode.bat to make it more easy to Build and run Elrond nodes in Windows PC ( Beginners Freindly ) *Things that I added on that script - Check if Go and Git is installed in the desktop , if not install it silently via chocolatey - You don't need to modify the prefs.toml to set your node name, the script will do it for you by typing your desired node name - Also , it will create automatically a batch file to start your node like this script : https://github.com/ElrondNetw
  2. sorry forgot to mention, I used two instances (1 instance = 3 nodes). Its look fine maximum of 20% usage of CPU. I will upgrade it if needed.
  3. Hi I used Google Cloud for BoN to run my six nodes , the instance specification is 2vCPU with 8gb RAM and 200 GB storage (57$ monthly). Running 6 nodes smoothly with max of 20% usage of CPU. But planning to move to contabo.com it seems less expensive than others.
  4. stay updated mate by following their social media channels and also by joining on their telegram group.
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