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  1. Hello ! Of course, this can be automated. You have to also get the results of the transaction. Speaking of API endpoint, this is the URL you're interested in: https://devnet-gateway.elrond.com/transaction/5c8a46bedf88048768da6de865b296e74604c4badc88ea5e1a8295e7c5e20849?withResults=true In erdjs, you can use ProxyProvider -> getTransaction() method that also receives a withResults boolean param, that has to be set to true.
  2. @Maulik Vora unfortunately it is not enabled as we speak neither or testnet or devnet. It will be available after we finish the internal testing of the new version of ESDT
  3. Hi @Maulik Vora! On testnet and devnet, we reset the chain from time to time to test the new release candidates for mainnet. In order to be up-to-date with this resets, please join our Telegram groups. I just send you 1k XEGLD: https://devnet-explorer.elrond.com/transactions/50aa29f87ecb95cb751b32c87584d4240c71b2da4841dcbfc817bde6916103b5 Regarding ESDT not being active, we have 'activation epochs' for different components so we can activate different features gradually and also keeping the chain backwards-compatible. So if you try to create an ESDT before the enable epoch for ESDT, it will fail.
  4. Hi ! Inside Elrond App in ledger, navigate to the 'Settings' item in the menu. There you will have 'Contract Data'. Enter that item and switch it to 'Yes' instead of 'No' After that, you will be able to sign your transaction.
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