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  1. NFT as it seems now is just some random pictures, paintings and or music? Are you saying theres plenty of other levels beyond this. Could you explain? Take gaming for instance, or 'cinema apps' like Netflix, HBO, and such. What could we(you) ((Elrond)) do to get say HBO and likeminded companies interested in Elrond. What would be the benefits? Say, Twitch and games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, big LAN games has around 1m+ viewers. Could there be something of interest there, for them? Which benefits Elrond, them, and mankind in a way? How will NFT benefit mankind I wonder. O
  2. So, I went through the forum here but.. It seems this place is not that alive. Things didn't go as planned? So many "projects" out there. Not sure where to begin, looking around..👻
  3. So the genius decided to meme, he became a Doctor, just for that moment. I've said to much already. Bye now! // SPACEGIRL 👸
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