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  1. Thanks Adrian, I did created a token yesterday, but today, it seems its again taken down on testnet. Would you also share any development resources for ESDT tokens? like how to sign transaction for sending ESDT tokens?
  2. Thanks @Bogdan Rosianu for the detailed information. Understand. Do you know if ESDT tokens are activated yet on devnet? or when will it be activated? Thanks
  3. Also do you know why my balance went away? I also don't find this transaction, you sent me 500xEGLD . https://devnet-explorer.elrond.com/transactions/4ed12448c66293c94b1cc0f4359c2de1cccf1379fa7949dc6c67dd2854c297be
  4. @Marius Grigoras is tokens disabled on devnet too? https://devnet-explorer.elrond.com/tokens Previously I was able to see tokens on this URL on devnet. I don't see it anymore. Thanks for all your help man!
  5. Received it, Thanks much @Marius Grigoras
  6. Thanks Marius, Would you send some devnet xEGLD tokens on my devnet address? erd1267uwlt9kfupyjp53f95n739kpyu085ecds6vtre20gqcurkg48sq7t4sz Thanks
  7. Hey @Marius Grigorasso does this mean? We can't test ESDT tokens on testnet. like no ESDT tokens exists on testnet.
  8. Noted and Thanks Marius for the quick reply.
  9. https://testnet-explorer.elrond.com/transactions/bcb73f02d869916e99aad5414e55ae754cc4f1afe041967da3e43d0d3bd8b028 I am trying to issue a new ESDT token from testnet Elrond wallet and its somehow failing. Would someone help identifying what is the error and how to fix it?
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