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  1. So I staked with PalmTree, the rewards were about 20% now rewards say 8% am I missing something? Trying to find the best staking partner hasn’t been easy. possibly I’m not actively staked, though the site says am actively staked.
  2. Hello, I’m curious as to when to expect to be able to use Maiar to purchase EGLD here in the US, currently there are no providers for payment.
  3. Hello, I’m curious as to the time frame of having a web browser in Maiar wallet similar to the one found in the MetaMask wallet with the ability to have tabs to go to Decentralize exchanges. Currently I have MetaMask and found myself using uniswap quite frequently due to the ease of use and the nice user interface. The downside of course is the high fees. I am confident when Elrond gets to the place and the ease of use of MetaMask/Uniswap the adoption of Elrond is sure to expand exponentially! Thanks again, Andrew
  4. Hello, I’m new to crypto and to Elrond. I would like to know if I will be able to stake from the Ledger Elrond app to one of these other SPs? I am currently in the waiting list since late January and like the fact that I can control my private keys offline in the Ledger. I’m also interested in how I would find the SPs or when to know to look for them. It would also be nice if when this feature is available there would be a YouTube or linked Twitter video on how to stake with these SPs. Thank you and your project is my #1 hold
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