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  1. In the world of cryptocurrency, liquidity is an important aspect and it refers to the probability or ability to convert any digital currencies into fiat currencies with no effects on the general stability of the prices. Integrating liquidity in the cryptocurrency exchange can bring you many benefits such as Fair Price Range, Fast Transactions, and more. The importance of the term liquidity in the cryptocurrency exchange is huge and the platform with fewer liquidity issues can yield a high volume of trading and traders. A crypto exchange that leverages the utilization of liquidity API
  2. Here is the workflow of p2p crypto exchange Step 1: Traders will register on p2p exchange and undergoes KYC verification process. Step 2: A buyer places a buy order ( Some p2p exchanges works by placing advertisements ) Step 3: The matching engine works and matches the buyer with the right seller. Step 4: If the buyer and seller agree and confirm to the terms of trade, then smart-contract holds crypto assets of sellers to be sold. Step 5: Buyer makes the payment for his/her purchase of crypto assets to the seller. Step 6: After the payment confirmation by the seller, smart cont
  3. Two Factor Authentication CloudFlare (WAF CDN) Time Locked Transactions Multi-Sig Wallet Cold Wallet Integrated DDoS Protection CSRF Protection X-Frame Options Data Encryption and more. Get Featured-Rich Binance Clone Script and launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange as like Binance.
  4. It is a type of decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that relies on the mathematical formula to set the price for the assets. This formula is the replacement of order books in traditional exchanges where the price of the assets is determined by pricing algorithms. The Formula can vary for each of the Protocols. For Example, in the DeFi Protocol, Uniswap uses x*y = K, where the term x denotes the amount of one token and y represents the amount of other tokens in the liquidity pool. This Automated Market Makers (AMM) is a part of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Ecosystem and plays a
  5. Binance DEX is a Peer-to-peer protocol of Binance running on Binance Chain that allows users to exchange cryptocurrency directly without the involvement of admin. The notable benefit of Binance DEX is its matching system as it is created on a high power blockchain medium " Tendermint Core " with 1sec block time. This provides speed as same as centralized exchanges. Key Features of Binance DEX The key aspects of Binance DEX platforms are as follows : 1. Private keys are under the control of users 2. Decentralized order book 3. Matching mechanism with 1 sec block time These thre
  6. Binance Earn is the Crypto Saving Account with variety of options to earn passive income. Binance Earn is a complete suite of financial products that you can use to increase your crypto holdings. You can think of it as your crypto savings account. The difference between a regular savings account and this one is that crypto is capable of so much more! Start your own cryptocurrency exchange as like Binance using Binance Clone Script now !
  7. Listed here are the benefits of a business individual who wishes to launch its own defi based decentralized exchange like Uniswap. Requires less initial investment No Middleman or Third Parties Can Generate high ROI Liquidity at Launch Guaranteed Trading Volume Quick Brand Identity Stick With The DeFi Trends and more. Get Uniswap Clone Script to launch your own DeFi based exchange as like Uniswap!
  8. While using a public blockchain network, many cryptocurrency exchanges lose their own traders to their rivals and in the case of separate blockchain, they can hold their traders tighter.Brand recognitionBuilds Traders TrustPrivacy level FixationEnhances Market ShareEnhances Market ShareFaster TransactionFlexibilityEfficiencyCost Reduction and more.Bitdeal develops a cryptocurrency exchange script to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform that relies on the separate blockchain network.
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