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  1. Hello. Will the battle of yields be opened to everyone? Thanks.
  2. Thank you for your reply, but my staking is not with a SP, it is on the legacy staking, with elrond foundation nodes. I have re-checked this afternoon and now it is visible again. Thanks again, CAT
  3. Hello, Is there a reason why I do not see the rewards available to be claimed on the legacy staking? I understand that more of the legacy nodes have been deactivated but not sure if they are related to the ones to which I delegated, so is this the reason why I do not see the rewards anymore? If so, do I need to undelegate from those legacy nodes? Thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you! What about the first part of the question?
  5. With respect to the ones in the delegation waiting list, will they be automatically allocated from that waiting list to the newly staking service providers or do we have to withdraw from the waiting list manually and opt-in for the staking provider manually as well? If the later, in the case where you have multiple ranks in the waiting list (say 10 in 5.000, 10 in 10,000 and 10 in 15,000) and you decide to withdraw only part of them (10), will the tokens move out in a FIFO matter (those 10 will go out of rank 5,000) or in LIFO matter (those 10 will got out from 15,000)?
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