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  1. can we buy EGLD directly from Maiar with credit card from US? from crypto we were not allowed us bank din t want us to buy crypto with their fiat to be more precise it was JPM "bank"
  2. Any idea which will be the periods of time for staking and the APR or earnings? Will you guys have an option if we forgot or we want to keep them in stake mode to automatically a new staking phase to start automatically one after another till we move the coins from staking option / withdraw them? When will be more coins available for storage on Maiar?
  3. this mean i will need to connect crypto com to Maiar. Is Maiar so secure and safe that I don t need ledger to keep/protect my coins? Will Maiar app be compatible with Ledger in near future? If I want to stake in phase 3 can I stake using Ledger or not because it does t stay online so the validators, maiar, and me as delegator are not communicating between them. Am I wrong or? Or there is a click from ledger to stake and than you disconnect it? But than after the period end what happens if ledger is not turn ON and online? Thanks again.
  4. So if I do have the maiar the latest app & wallet Why should i create or use the old elron wallet if I want to stake on maiar??? When we'll be able to stake or delegate with maiar according with the quote: :"Elrond is an internet-scale blockchain for fast, secure digital payments. Elrond Gold (eGLD) is the native currency of the Elrond blockchain, that you can send, spend and stake using Maiar." When / why we cannot sell our EGLD to use using the newest app Maiar? When will this be functional as it is a wallet too after all correct? Thanks Radu
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