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  1. As a Bonus track, if you never installed from this source it's easy on linux: 1.- Be sure that you have Git installed sudo apt install git 2.- Clone the repository on your home cd ~ git clone https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-scripts.git (This has created a folder elrond-go-scripts in your home) 3.- The first time we install prerequisites cd ~/elrond-go-scripts/ubuntu-amd64 bash _prerequisite.sh 4.- Install de node bash install.sh It will ask you about your Nodename and will create new identity (new pem keys) to you. You will have when it finish a folder ~/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node where is your node ready for run it 5.- Make a backup of your keys just in case mkdir -p ~/backup-pems cp ~/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/config/*pem ~/backup-pems 6.- Start your node You can start your node from the installation or later. I like to open it as virtual screen with: cd ~/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/ screen -AmdS testnet ./node From here, never do install again, always the procedure above about updating nodes.
  2. There's a method to update really fast and smooth your linux node. I will try to explain, keep in mind that this tutorial is useful if you had installed the node from the github repository of scripts elrond-go-scripts. If you don't have the node installed from this repository this code can be wrong. I always make the installation of elrond-go-scripts on my home, be careful with the instructions that imply this folder. 1.- Before we start make a copy of your pems: mkdir ~/backup-pems cp ~/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/config/*pem ~/backup-pems 2.- Close your node: If you use screen launch you can do: screen -S nameofyourscreen -X quit 3.- Update your scripts repo: cd ~/elrond-go-scripts/ubuntu-amd64 bash get-github-repo.sh 4.- Update your node from the scripts repo bash update.sh (I guess that you're in the same folder) At this point your elrond-go-node is updated, you need to restore your keys 5.- Restore your registered keys: cp ~/backup-pems/*pem ~/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/config 6.- Maybe delete db, logs and stats Only If the testnet update require to cleanup all this stuff then: rm -r ~/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/db rm -r ~/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/stats rm -r ~/go/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node/logs 7.- Start again your node I like to launch it on screen but it's up to you: cd ~/src/github.com/ElrondNetwork/elrond-go-node screen -AmdS testnet ./node (it creates a virtual screen with name testnet and the node running inside) If you want to see the node running screen -r testnet If you want to exit the screen without stop your node Press Ctrl+A and then press D
  3. Really cool zyllibytes, great medium article. Talk to Sorin to put them on the thread useful links pinned in this forum.
  4. Yes, for me it's better to add those final 2 steps, copy them to config and how to execute the node. It seems obvious but people ask me on windows how to run it and stop it.
  5. I'm not really good on photoshop, but I think it can be amazing to have a thread like this to share our own elrond network wallpapers for our computers. Better if they are at least on FullHD to let others download it. I haven't yet one, who will be the first to post his/her wallpaper?
  6. I think that it can be good idea to put some media resources in elrond webpage. To make easy to the community to have the logo, some staff fotos, headquarters, fonts, and so on. It's really useful for content creators to have one official media set. Usually it goes in the footer of the main website. On this way if for example "ccn.com" wants to write a new about elrond network, they can go to get official media images.
  7. After creating the node identity, must be instructions to run the node. People that read this are asking me what they don't see node running after key generation
  8. Dr. Delphi thanks for the comment. For someone newbie, can you explain in 4 lines which steps they need to do, for having node running on rasp? What's the repo they need to download? Thanks in advance
  9. We can discuss here about the tests of running the nodes on raspbian OS with Raspberry Pi devices
  10. As a long term investment, some of us look into the scarcity of some assets/tokens. In elrond project is important to understand that the main variable will be the scarcity of nodes. The theoretical maximum nodes number is 40.000, but if you think that will be tokens on exchanges, trading, wallets, etc. I'm thinking in a real maximum of around 25000 nodes. As the project advances we can forecast that the team will do really easy and smooth to run a node with a couple of clicks in the desktop app. This will transform the project into a mainstream node running project. Thousands of people look into the market of PoS and want to participate but doesn't have technical skills. The rewards will allow first wave node runners to deploy more nodes with this rewards. I know that some companies will allow users to contract nodes, and some players will run like 100 nodes or more. On mainnet I think that we'll see the node running numbers grow fast. We can talk here about current node stats, or news about big players entering in the business of running elrond nodes. What do you think about this topic?
  11. Interesting thread Alwin. I will post here one of the best videos that I know. The interview of Brad Laurie to Beniamin Mincu
  12. I think that youtube videos are underrated. It's really important on crypto, how to's series specially with nodes, how to install node. Videos to understand better the architecture. Examples of how to migrate an dapp that runs on EVM to Elrond (this on mainnet phase). I suggest that elrond marketing team, choose one face (one of the team) to be more friendly and engage with people. At least one video each week.
  13. Hi all, elrond is my first validator experience currently, it's the first time that I trust in a project to involve me, since now I was only investing on blockchain projects (near 3 years)
  14. One of the best things for me is the economics model of Elrond, is deigned to create huge community. Because they are lowering walls to have a node. With a theorical maximum of 40.000 nodes and only 500k ERD per node, it'll ensure that it's plenty of people implied on it. Really decentralized. This added to his technical improvements as is said for my colleages.
  15. Good idea Sorin, I can imagine this post pinned up on the Technical branch, maybe an admin can think about it
  16. Welcome to this cool project, all together we will build the best blockchain. I'm here to help on all that I can. Regards to all the elrond team!
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