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  1. I found a sollution on Redit. There was missing application Elrond on app list in Ledger Live. Had to update application to be able to install Elrond app again. After that all ok. Thank you.
  2. On 13.01 i bought my first EGLD crypto. Wanted to transfer them to safe place so i created an account at : https://wallet.elrond.com/ I have installed crypto app :elrond onmy ledger nano s, i transfered all bought EGLD to wallet at elrond.com 2 days before i bought another part of EGLD crypto and wanted to send them the same way to wallet at elrond.com I forgot the password so i recovered my account using Secret Phrase and saved keystore file. When i created new password after recovery and log in to my account there are 0 crypto !! All are gone !! How is this possible?
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