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  1. 1) Store your keystore on a flash disk, 2) Do not save your password online (remember it, or write it on a piece of paper..) Problem solved 🙂
  2. 1. Send eGLD from wallet.elrond.com to another address, 2. Click Max to fill in the maximum amount (whole account). 3. Send Result: Only X - 0.005 eGLD gets sent. 0.005 eGLD stays at the current address. If I want to send all the eGLD from the address, I have to do the process twice at this moment (the second time sends the rest) Wanted behavior: All possible eGLD is sent. (I used Ledger to do this, but I think it is a general bug)
  3. 1. Access wallet.elrond.com wallet via Ledger, 2. Delegate eGLD, click Max to delegate maximum amount. 3. Go about confirming in ledger Result: 1. Web shows fee is 0.0025 eGLD, but Ledger shows fee as 0.25 eGLD. 2. Only X - 0.25 eGLD gets delegated (put to waiting list). 0.25 eGLD stays in my "account" undelegated. Wanted behavior: All possible eGLD is delegated (maybe just keep some low amount of eGLD to be able to withdraw the delegated eGLD and notify the user about that) Correct fee amount is displayed in Ledger.
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